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Howard Stern First Wife [PHOTOS] Meet Stern's Ex-Wife & Former Actress- TV Personality Alison Berns!

Howard Stern first wife photos are currently being sought online mainly because after several years of getting divorced, Stern rocked his fans with his big revelation on why his current wife has repeatedly denied him of renewing their wedding vows. Could the reason be related to his first wife, Alison Berns?

Before Howard Stern tied the knot in October 2008 with his wife of five years Beth Ostrosky Stern, he actually exchanged "I dos" with Alison Berns. Stern sired three daughters in his first marriage namely, Deborah Jennifer Stern, Ashley Jade Stern, and Emily Beth Stern.

In an interview with the Rolling Stones, Howard Stern once opened up about his first wife and his first marriage. "My marriage ending blew my mind," the then-57-year-old Sirius radio star said. "I was upset that I failed and let down my family, my kids, my ex-wife. It was all very painful." Then, he added, "I was totally neurotic...I knew things weren't right, and I said, 'Gee, where am I going to get some answers?' I had never been a guy to turn to religion but then as my marriage was coming to an end, I needed help to explain it to my children and make sense of it all...Because once you are a divorced guy, being a father is a whole different thing."

So who is Howard Stern's first wife? Alison Berns was a television and radio host, who also made a debut in the acting industry. Alison has appeared in several projects alongside her husband including "Negligee and Underpants," "U.S. Open Sores," and "Private Parts." She even became a regular on Howard's show, "The Howard Stern Show."

Following Howard Stern's divorce with first wife Alison Berns, he revealed that he had to deal with his own demons before he found his way to his next angel. Stern said he "was running around, picking up women" to satisfy his carnal desire, only to realize later on that he was looking for the right woman to stay by his side.

Hence, a couple of years after his divorce, he remarried to actress-model Beth Ostrosky. "Things changed when we got married," he said. "Everyone before was like, 'Oh, are you Howard Stern's blond bimbo that hangs out with him?' But suddenly, when we were married, it was like, 'Oh, this is Howard's wife.' And that was important to me. Part of the reason I got married was that I wanted Beth to understand how important she is and also how equal I feel she is to me."

Recently however, after more than five years of being happily married, Howard Stern gushed that he has begged Beth to exchange their wedding vows for a couple of times already, but his current wife wouldn't buy it.

"I've begged Beth to marry me again... Like when it was our fifth anniversary... But she's like: 'that's bad luck or something'. Like, she has the opposite feeling--like, if you keep getting married it's not good," Stern said adding that most of the couples who remarry do not end up happy. "Must couples who get married every year, end up breaking up," said Stern. "Like Heidi Klum? She got married to Seal every f***ing year, and where is she?"

Meanwhile, Howard Stern's first wife Alison has remained out of the limelight after their tagged "messy" divorce. Several reports claim that she has stopped her career and remained a housewife to a man named David Scott.

Check out the photos of Howard Stern's first wife Alison Berns here, here and here!

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