Feb 05, 2014 09:57 AM EST

Bill Nye Dead [VIDEO]: Bill Nye To Rip Apart Creationism In Kentucky Debate, Gets Killed Off By Internet Again With Death Hoax

Bill Nye isn't dead, despite another death hoax targeting the former TV personality currently circulating on the internet.

Despite what Twitter and social media sites may say, Bill Nye is not dead and is, in fact, alive and well enough to participate in a debate with the founder of Kentucky's Creation Museum.

A Bill Nye death hoax also went viral last year and in 2012 and to date, the TV star has been declared dead four times.

However, Bill Nye is not dead and had even participated in a debate with Ken Ham, another fierce battle between a evolutionist and a creationist.

The event is attracting plenty of attention in science and faith circles, as Nye is a former TV star and Ham is prominent among Christians who believe the Bible tells a factual account of the Earth’s beginnings.

The Creation Museum says the audience will be made up of visitors from 29 states, and the debate will be streamed live online.

Ham invited Nye to debate last year after Nye criticized the belief held by Ham and other creationists that the earth is just a few thousand years old.

Bill Nye being dead may have been confirmed to be untrue but the war between evolutionism and creationism still hasn't seen an conclusion.

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