General Mills Reveals Strategic Plan; B&G Lands $765M Deal For Green Giant & Le Sueur

General Mills will be selling Green Giant & Le Sueur for $765 million to B&G as part of company’s plan of focusing and reshaping its growing portfolio to meet the new demands of consumers. The deal is expected to be closed on the fourth quarter of 2015.

Green Mills Green Giant

Bohai Leasing Acquires Avolon Holdings For $2.5 Billion Amid Volatility Across Global Equity Markets

Bohai Leasing, a Chinese aviation and shipping corporation HNA Group unit, has reportedly acquired Avolon Holdings for $2.5 billion. Initially, Bohai had offered to buy 20 percent of Avolon for $26 per share in July. But the company had a change of mind and decided to purchase the entire company after learning about a rival bid.

Avolon Holdings

Iconic 'Flintstones' House In Hillsborough Fetches $4.2 Million; Want To Take A Look Inside? [WATCH VIDEO]

The iconic "Flintstones" House in Hillsborough can be seen when you're driving on Interstate 280 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The estate, which has piqued the curiosity of those who passed by the highway, is now up for sale for the whooping price of $4.2 Million.

'Flintstones' House



Jobs & Career News

Alcoa Invests $60 Million On 3D Printing, Aims To Develop Large-Manufacturing Process

Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfled

Aluminum and Titanium company Alcoa, announces its investing $60 million on 3D printing.

LEGO Surpasses Mattel; 'Jurassic World' And Elvis' Lines Propelled Double Digits Profits


LEGO surpassed rival U.S. toymaker Mattel and posted double digits profits. The introduction of "Jurassic World" and Elvis' lines in the first half of 2015 which were highly accepted by children worldwide was mainly the reason for its success.

ConocoPhillips' Workers Lose Jobs As U.S. Oil Company Prepares For Longer Downturn In Energy Industry


Around 1,800 workers of ConocoPhillips will lose their jobs as the Top 4 largest U.S. oil company plans to prepare for a longer downturn in the energy industry.

Suzuki ‘Divorces’ Volkswagen Partnership; Japanese Car Maker To Buy Back Shares

Suzuki Motor Corporation

Suzuki ends its for year partnership Volkswagen after an International arbitrator ordered the German car maker to sell its shares.

Medical Technology Company Greatbatch Eyes Lake Region Medical For $1.73 Billion


Medical Technology Company Greatbatch has set eyes on Lake Region Medical as its newest acquisition. Greatbatch's purchase of the company previously called Accellent Inc amounted to $1.73 billion. Lake Region Medical, which generally provides research and development assistance and contract manufacturing to creators of medical device, would gain $478 million in cash and 5.1 million shares. Greatbatch would also assume the $1 billion debt of the company.

iOS 9

iOS 9 Multitasking Features You Ought To Know!

Apple's iOS 9 is a major revamp from the eighth iteration of the Cupertino-based tech giant's famous operating system. With its new features, fans of the company will be overjoyed when it officially gets released on Sept. 9. Ahead of its release date, however, here are multitasking features that consumers (and even developers) should understand before they lay their hands on the iOS 9.


Valeant Sets Sights On Synergetics After Acquiring Female Viagra Maker

Valeant is not stopping its streak of acquisitions just yet. On Wednesday, the Montreal, Canada-based company announced its plan to acquire Synergetics more than two weeks after it bought female viagra maker Sprout Pharmaceuticals.


Novartis Launches Beautiful Medicine; Swiss Company Gets FDA Approval, Appeals Court To Sell Copycat Cancer Drug Zarxio

After officially releasing Zarxio in the U.S. market, Novartis has now launched another interesting feat that the loyal clients of the Swiss pharmaceutical company will surely love — Beautiful Medicine.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: South Korean-Based Company Partners With Barnes & Noble, Releases The Nook Version — Details Here!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook, a product from the partnership of Samsung and Barnes & Noble, has been released with new interesting features. It’s pretty much the same with the 8-inch Tab S2, but the Nook version offers exclusive features from the Nook store.

Valtech Cardio

HeartWare Shares Tumble After Valtech Cardio Purchase But Analysts See ‘Strategic’ $7 Billion Market

HeartWare's move to purchase Valtech Cardio is not disappointing news after all. Analysts have shared that the company could actually be making more since the purchase has opened its doors to a $7 billion market.

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Features & Specs Ahead Of Big Reveal! [RUMORS]

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is slated to be unveiled next week to the delight of fans and loyal consumers of the Cupertino-based tech giant. However, Apple, being its usual self, has not revealed any details about its monster smartphone. Hence, the rumor mill is always updated with speculations on what the phone would look like and what specs and features the product will sport on the big reveal on Sept. 9.


Rentokil Strengthens Number Three Position In The Pest Control Business, Acquires Steritech

Rentokil, its North America operations, aims to strengthen its position in the pest control market by striking a $425 million deal with Steritech. The deal, which is subject to regulatory approval, will reportedly bring the company’s market worth to $7.5 billion.

iPhone 7 Proposed Concept

iPhone 7 Disappoints With ‘Weaker’ 1715 mAh Battery; Power Drops By 5.3%

The iPhone 7 rumor mill is incessantly being updated specially now that the new Apple iPhone’s unveiling is just around the corner. However, after the bendgate controversy of its predecessors, it seems that the new smartphone will also disappoint but this time around it’s the battery that’s going to be under the scrutiny of loyal Apple followers and critics alike.

Asian Stocks

Asian Stocks Climb While Dollar Tumbles Amid China Stock Markets Closure

As China stock markets close on Thursday, Asian stocks climbed after a sharp sell-off a day earlier. While the U.S. and global stock markets were recovering in early morning trading Wednesday, the dollar remarkably fell.


PayPal Unveils Latest Mobile Payment Service PayPal.Me To Confuse Customers?

PayPal recently unveiled its new mobile payment service called The company’s latest mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform aims to allow users to create a personalized PayPal link, which will be sent to friends for faster P2P transfers via PayPal.

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