U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops; Reactions Are Mixed

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to a 5.3 percent seven-year low as employers provided 223,000 jobs in June. Wages, however, failed to increase and other economic indicators of the job market remain unpredictable.

US Unemployment Rate Drops, But Reactions Are Mixed

Aetna Inc. Acquires Humana Through $37B Deal; Other Health Insurance Companies May Soon Follow

Aetna Inc., an insurance company based in Hartford, CT, recently closed the deal with Humana. The deal amounting to $37 billion of cash and stocks is going to make Aetna a major player in the health insurance agency.

Aetna Merge with Humana

Southwest Airlines And Flight Attendants Arrive At A Consensus, Agreement To Run Until May 2019

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines has arrived at a provisional agreement with its almost 12,000 flight attendants. If approved, the agreement is anticipated to push thru until May 2019.

Southwest Airlines



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'Not Payable' — Puerto Rico Appeals For Bankruptcy

Puerto Rico Appeals for Bankruptcy

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla of Puerto Rico declared that the US territory could not afford paying back its $US73 billion debt. He added that he intends to forge an agreement with creditors while convincing the US government to issue a decree that would permit the island to declare a special form of bankruptcy in order to dissolve some of its debts.

Asian Market Exorbitantly Slumps Amid Greece’s Austerity Plans Referendum Rejection; Global Market At Risk Of Banking Collapse?

Greece Crisis

International creditors such as International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission have demanded Greece to establish further austerity measures in the nation’s banking systems. However, the Greeks have overwhelmingly rejected the European Union's offer. And because of the bailout program, the Asian and global markets have exorbitantly slumped.

Duke Energy CEO Gets More Than $1.2M Pay Raise A Year After Spill

Lynn Good

Duke Energy Corporation CEO Lynn Good received an increase in pay of more than $1.2 million a year after the coal ash spill because of her exemplary performance and leadership.

Obama Discusses Greek Crisis With French President Francois Hollande

President Obama

By now, the news of Greece's failure to repay the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is making waves in the financial world. Everyone is holding on to their seats, bracing themselves for what is going to happen

Oregon Growers Look Forward To Boost Marijuana Retail

Medical Marijuana

Each third Thursday of the month, old-timer and aspiring newbie growers of medical marijuana gather at the aged Williams Grange hall in a tiny rural valley in Oregon, long known for producing some of the finest cannabis.

Intel President Renée J. James

Intel Corp. President Renée J. James And Other High-Ranking Execs TO RESIGN Amid Top Management Transition

Intel Corp. CEO Brian Krzanich announced Thursday that the company’s president, Renée J. James, will be resigning in January amid top management transition. The changes came as Intel Corp. has been hurt by declining sales of PCs that use its microprocessors. Its sales also prompted operational losses.


Facebook Steps Up! Social Media Announces Sharing Video Ad Revenue

Facebook will begin sharing 55 percent of the revenue to video ad creators — a business move that will post a serious threat to YouTube.


PayPal Eyes Money Transfer Service XOOM

Online digital payments giant PayPal is setting its course to acquire international money transfer service XOOM valued at $890 million.

Family Dollar

Federal Trade Commission Finally Approves Dollar Tree's Acquisition Of Family Dollar

Attorney General Herbert H. Siatery III made an announcement on Thursday, saying that the Federal Trade Commission finally approved the merging of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

Privately Owned Portraits By Francis Bacon Sold For £30 Million

Privately Owned Portraits By Francis Bacon Sold For £30 Million

Francis Bacon’s two self-portraits fetched a staggering £30 million at a Sotheby’s auction on Wednesday.


Amadeus Buys Navitaire For $830M; Accenture Becomes A Strategic Partner

Amadeus is acquiring Accenture’s subsidiary, Navitaire, for $830 million in hopes of improving the connection among carriers in the same airline groups and their alliances.

Xiaomi Has Sold 35 Million Smartphones for 2015

Xiaomi Has Sold 35 Million Smartphones In Q1, Q2

Xiaomi has sold 34.7 million smartphones in the first half of 2015 which is a 33 percent increase compared to last year.

Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner Prefers Caitlyn More Than Bruce? Reality TV Star Candidly Admits Dad’s Transition Is Incredible

Brody Jenner seems to be more comfortable in having Caitlyn Jenner around. The 31-year-old reality television star candidly admits that his dad’s transition from being Bruce to Caitlyn is remarkably incredible. However, he also revealed that accepting the reality about his father’s transition wasn’t really so easy.

London Hosts Rolling Stones Exhibit

London To Host Rolling Stones Exhibit

The first ever Rolling Stones exhibit in London will be unveiled at the Saatchi Gallery next year.


Biogen Collaborates With AGTC To Advance Eye Treatments

Biogen Inc. entered an agreement with Applied Genetic Technologies Corp. (AGTC) for $124 million in commercial rights and licenses to various gene-based therapies.

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