Comcast Investigated By U.S. Dept. Of Justice Over Bullying Of Rival Pay TV Providers?

Comcast is being investigated by the department of justice after its alleged bullying of rival pay-TV providers.

Comcast chairman and CEO Brian L. Roberts

Pfizer Buys Botox-Maker Allergan: Analysts Say It's A Strategy To Avoid Paying Billions In US Taxes

On Monday, Pfizer announced through press release that it will merged with another global pharmaceutical company Allergan. It was revealed that the two will sign a $160 billion deal to become the biggest drug manufacturing company in the world.

Pfizer Headquarters

Coca-Cola Under Fire For Funding Anti-Obesity Group; Transition Underway After Chief Science Officer Rhona Applebaum’s Retirement

Coca-Cola Co. is currently under fire after reports emerged that the beverage company was involved in the controversial funding of a non-profit anti-obesity group, Global Energy Balance Network. Due to the criticisms, the company’s Chief Science Officer Rhona Applebaum announced her retirement and a transition is reportedly underway.

Coca-Cola Co.



Jobs & Career News

Things An Applicant Must Not Do During An Online Job Interview

things must not do during online job interview

During an online job interview, aspirants only have about 10 to 15 minutes to show off to their interviewers. So make every moment counts. Maximize the opportunities. Plan ahead, take time to practice, do one's best, and enjoy the moment. Use these tips to succeed in the online job interview and be employed the soonest.

How To Nail An Online Job Interview

Ebay To Sell Majority Stake In Internet Phone Company Skype

Some people might think that online job interviews and the traditional face-to-face ones are similar. But the thing is, questions asked during both process might be the same but the entire experience is not. That's why one must understand that preparations for both processes are also different.

Brilliant Tips For A Healthier And More Beautiful Skin Perfect For Job Interviews

Weekly Jobless Claims Drop To Five Year Low

The job interview process is very tiring and stressing especially that there are a lot of things to consider as an aspirant prepare for the big day. Aspirants need to be familiar with some possible interview questions first. He or she should also have to research and decide for the perfect outfit and hairstyle to impress one's recruiter. With all these things to consider, most people would often set aside taking care of their skin leaving it dull and dry.

Best Men Haircut Ideas To Ace Job Interviews

Myer Spring/Summer 2014 Collections Launch - Runway

The first minutes of job interview are the most critical part of the process. It is within that minute that an aspirant is being judged based on how he presents himself physically and by the words he'll say or the things written in his resume. That is why in order to get hired; it is a must to include one's fashion to impress recruiters.

Job Hunting Tips While Pregnant

Thousands Meet For 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. So don't look at it as a hindrance to reach personal goals and desires in life. Use these tips to have an edge as one competes with job market.

Walmart prepares for Black Friday

Black Friday 2015: 5 Things You Should Know To Get The Best Deals In This Year's Biggest Shopping Holiday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping holiday. Check out some of the things you should know to get the best deals.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE

Samsung Galaxy S7: You'll Love The Upcoming Galaxy S6 Successor With This New RUMORED Feature

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumored to have a feature that long-time fans of the smartphone line have been missing.


Pfizer's $150 Billion Merger With Allergan Imminent

Pfizer is set to seal the $150 billion merger deal with Allergan.

Black Friday

Black Friday 2015: 3 Interesting Facts About The History Of The Day When Holiday Shoppers Go Into Frenzy

Black Friday is just around the corner and as what have been practiced in the past, millions of U.S. holiday shoppers are itching to get their hands on the biggest deals of the year from different retailers.

Janet Yellen

Feds Chair Janet Yellen Responds To Criticisms Against Years Of Low Interest Rates

U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen responded to criticisms about the reserve's low interest rates.


Can Cyber Monday Beat Black Friday As The Most Loved Shopping Holiday?

Cyber Monday is a shopping sale event by Walmart that looks to dethrone Black Friday as the most anticipated shopping holiday of the year.

OnePlus X

OnePlus X Review, Specs, Pricing And Comparison: How Will OnePlus New Smartphone Fare Against Competition?

The OnePlus X was officially unveiled this week. Check out if its worth the hype.


Is Chipotle Losing Charm In The Market Following E. Coli Outbreak?

Chipotle Mexican Grill’s growth in the fast food industry was remarkably fast. Sadly, the same rate could be taking place in its downfall. The famous chain of burritos, tacos and whatnot is apparently suffering from corporate downswing.

Louis XIII Cognac

Cognac: Declining China Sales Push Makers To Introduce New Products, Launches Intense Campaign To Reach New Market

The current slump in China's market is being felt all over the world as businesses get dragged down, in terms of sales, with them as well. The uproar over China's drawn-out economy has led to drop of prices in almost all the commodities and even high-end goods are affected.

"Clash of Clans"

What Can Be Expected From The 'Clash Of Clans' November Update? Plus Level Up Bonus Tips

“Clash of Clans” will be having the biggest update. What are expected to be included in this update are new Town Hall max level, new hero and a new defensive building.

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