Canon Q2 Sales Down Due To Smartphones, Offsets Weak Camera Growth Through New Investments

Canon said its net profit fell in the second quarter and it was reportedly because more consumers prefer using smartphones in taking photos. The company is now investing on new line of businesses to offset the weak growth in sales of digital cameras.


Thai Airways Bids U.S Flights Goodbye, Airline Company Suffers Losses

Thai Airways International Pcl has made a decision to cut 1,401 jobs this year by way of voluntary retirement and ending flights to Rome and Los Angeles which incurred losses rather than profit as it moves ahead with its restructuring plan, as stated by their president, Sunday.

Thai Airways

China Stocks Plummet As Fears Spark Over Future Monetary Policy Uncertainty

On Monday, China stocks surprisingly plummeted more than 8 percent, which was the biggest one-day drop the nation experienced since 2007. The decline shattered the peacefulness that had fallen over mainland markets last week, raising questions over whether government efforts to prop up prices are feasible.

China Stocks



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Samsung Officially Unveils New Monitor That Can Wirelessly Charge Smartphones


Samsung Electronics has officially introduced a new monitor that can wirelessly charge smartphones and other supported mobile devices.

Xiaomi, Uber Tag Team: Order, Deliver With Just One App


Xiaomi and Uber are teaming to provide the most innovative and convenient customer shopping experience in Southeast Asia. Using just one app, customers can purchase Xiaomi’s MiNote and Uber will deliver it in a matter of minutes.

iPad Air 2, Other Apple Gadgets On SALE For Best Buy Black Friday In July

iPad Air 2

Best Buy will be offering huge discounts for Apple products, including the iPad Air 2, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and MacBooks on its Black Friday In July sale.

Qualcomm Cuts Expenses By $1.4B After Revenue Downfall, Plans A Split


Qualcomm will be implementing an aggressive cost reduction strategy, through layoffs, reducing the number of offices and streamlining, after a steep fall in revenue.

Hanergy Appeals To SFC Boards Following Trade Halt, To Take Legal Actions If Necessary

Hanergy Thin Film Power

Hanergy is making an appeal to the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to dispute the ongoing trade halt, adding that they will take it to the court if necessary.


PayPal Shares Surge Amid Growing Digitization Of Money

PayPal Holdings Inc., one of the world’s largest internet payment companies established in 1998, has increased its shares value amid the growing digitization of money. The increase was noted during its first day as a separate and publicly traded company following the outlined plans to profit from the growth of mobile payments.

AT&T-DirecTV Merger

AT&T-DirecTV Merger To Push Through Under FCC’s Net Neutrality Conditions?

The $49 billion AT&T-DirecTV merger seemed to be pushing through its negotiation deal after Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Tom Wheeler announced his approval recommendation with the other FCC commissioners on Tuesday.


Comcast’s Internet Profits Exceed Cable Earnings; Scouts New Media Companies To Boost Appeal Among Young Generations

Comcast, the world’s largest broadcasting and cable company by revenue, confirmed that it has now more Internet service subscribers compared to its cable customers. In addition, the cable giant is also scouting for new media companies in an effort to boost its appeal among younger consumers.


Sky High! Starbucks Cafe Sales Up In Q3

If you're a Starbucks coffee lover and you keep coming back to grab your favorite latte, brewed coffee or caramel machiatto, then you made it possible for Starbucks Corp to reach a major quarterly profit. Starbucks reported on Thursday that their latest offerings of food, technology and drinks helped them captivate more customers.

Bank of America

Bank Of America Has A New Chief Financial Officer After Management Cleanup

Bank of America Corp announced Wednesday it would have a new chief financial officer and wealth management chief. This declaration comes a week after the bank recorded its huge quarterly turnout in nearly four years. Paul Donofrio will take over the role of former chief financial officer Bruce Thompson by Aug. 1.


Apple Expected To Remain Resilient; Q3 Earnings To Increase Despite China’s Economic Crisis

Apple will be releasing its quarterly report on Tuesday. Although China, its biggest iPhone market is experiencing a slowdown, analysts are expecting a less significant impact.


Kodak Prepares Eastman Business Park For New Venture

Photography pioneer Kodak embarks on a new business venture: establishment landlord. After the company's bankruptcy, Eastman Business Park no longer operates on some of it buildings. Instead of machines and chemicals that were responsible for production of countless of film, it will now house solar cell and medical marijuana dispensaries, while tomatoes now abound the exclusive rail line beside coal.

Greek Banks

Greek Banks Resume To Normal After 3-Week Shutdown Amid Bailout Reforms Deal

Following a three-week forced shutdown caused by a financial crisis, Greek banks finally reopened their branches across the country on Monday. However, transaction restrictions on cash withdrawals are still in effect.

Lockheed Martin

Sikorsky Aircraft: Lockheed Martin Obtaining Black Hawk Maker For Over $8 Billion

United Technologies Corp., who will now focus on making jet engines, air conditioners and elevators, will be selling Sikorsky Aircraft to Lockheed Martin Corp for over $8 billion.


Honda Found To Have Overcharged Minorities, Pays $24 Million Settlement

Honda Motor Co.'s financial arm has been identified by the government to have discriminated minority customers in their auto loans. Borrowers who were from Black, Asian and Hispanic races were given higher interest rates than white debtors.

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