Morgan Stanley To Fire 25% Of Its Fixed-Income Staff Due To Revenue Declines, Insufficient Returns

Morgan Stanley, a multinational financial services corporation, is reportedly laying off 25 percent of the company’s fixed-income staff following years of revenue declines and insufficient returns in spite of increasing shares. According to the sources knowledgeable of the plans, the workforce reduction will be across regions and are set to take place in the next two weeks.

Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley James P. Gorman

Dunkin' Donuts Expands Franchise To St. Louis, Offers $10,000 In Holiday Promos To Loyal Customers

Dunkin' Donuts continues to expand its mouthwatering goodness desserts to St. Louis, where former NFL players will be the newest franchisees. Plus, loyal customers are in for a treat with the coffee-and-donut chain's upcoming holiday promos.

Dunkin' Donuts

Yahoo Shares Rise, But Company CEO About To Be Fired?

Yahoo! shares rose, but company CEO Marissa Mayer is rumored to be on the chopping block.

CEO Marissa Mayer



Jobs & Career News

Guidelines For Recruiters In Conducting A Job Interview

Job Seekers Look For Employment At Career Fair

Job interview is a recruiter's way to obtain information from candidates who have decided to grab the opportunity to work in their company. The goal of the process is to search and hire for the best people that have met their standards. But no one can ever reach that goal without proper preparation. That's how important job interview preparation is. That is, even for recruiters.

Recruiters' Guidelines In Conducting An Online Job Interview

Job Seekers Look For Employment At Career Fair

Online job interviews are usually conducted by recruiters to give opportunities to applicants who are living in an area far from the company’s main office. If not for the Internet, the hiring process for these applicants would be too costly. Most probably, all the expenses for the job interview will be shouldered by the company even the candidates’ lodging and the transportation fees. Good thing is that the internet has now created a way for recruiters to conduct interviews without the need for people to cross time zones.

Don'ts For Achieving The Perfect Job Interview Look For Men

Andy Murray Meets David Cameron At Downing Street

Male aspirants may probably have the most effective resume and cover letters. They may also have researched about possible interview questions and practiced it by heart. But for them to succeed in a job interview, things as these are still not enough. Other than these things, aspirants must also focus on how to get good and positive feedbacks from his recruiter even at first glance. One way to do that is by preparing and perfecting one's job interview attire.

Don'ts For Achieving The Perfect Job Interview Look For Women

Travel Agency Set Up to Help Spanish Women Have Abortions Outside Spain

Creating good impressions is one of the most important things an aspirant must do during a job interview. Aside from accomplishing an effective cover letter and outstanding resume, the aspirant must also convey how professional she is with her outside appearance. That's why it's crucial for a female applicant to also take time to prepare for her job interview outfit as well.

Mistakes Most Aspirants Commit During A Phone Job Interview

Winter Blues Beckon As Daylight Hours Foreshorten

Phone interview is the next step after an aspirant catches the recruiter's attention by submitting an impeccable application. It is one of the processes recruiters use to know more about the applicant's skills and information after he or she passed the first phase of his or her job search. This opportunity is something that every aspirant must not waste especially that it can lead to a much greater chance of getting the job one has ever wanted. With success, it becomes the key to a much more significant chapter of job search, and that is the all-important traditional in-person job interview process.

Oculus Rift

Oculus CEO To Make ‘Major Announcement’; What Is Oculus Going To Reveal?

Oculus founder and CEO Palmer Luckey is scheduled to make a “special announcement” during The Game Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday. The said event is an annual live streaming show that attempts to recognize excellence in game development. The host of the show announced on social media Monday that Luckey will reveal some information about the company’s flagship virtual reality device called Oculus Rift.

Boeing C-17

Boeing C-17 Bids Farewell To Its Long Beach Plant As Production Ends

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III cargo plane bids farewell to its Long Beach plant as production ends for the building of a military or civilian aircraft.

President Barack Obama Goes Shopping During Small Business Saturday

#ShopSmall Makes Local Stores & Businesses Stay Around, Encourages Shoppers By Offering Big Discounts, Buy-One-Get-One Sales

Small Business Saturday’s #ShopSmall campaign has been the hope of several local stores and businesses to make them stay around for years. And as the holiday season comes close, small shops offered big discounts and buy-one-get-one deals in Holland, Michigan over the weekend.

Packages due to Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday: Extending Your 'Black Friday Fever'; Online Consumers Warned About SCAMS

Cyber Monday is the new shopping hoiday that showcases plenty of bargain online deals.

Pinnacle Foods

Pinnacle Foods Acquires Boulder Brands To Expand Healthy Food Line; Stock Rating Goes Up After Announcement

Pinnacle Foods Inc. a company that owns popular brands like Duncan Hines and Bird Eye announced on Nov. 24 that it is buying Boulder Brands Inc. The decision was made for two reasons: One to attract younger market bracket who love organic food. Two, to lower operation costs through the amalgamation of the business enterprise networks.


Will The Nintendo NX Be A Success Or A Dud? Analysts Says It Has Good Chance Of Failing

A videogame analysts said that the Nintendo NX has a good chance of failing when it's released.

Sony Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: Sony Smartphone Finds Itself At The North Of The Border

The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is now officially available in Canada.

PlayStation 4

PS4 Remote Play Is Coming To Mac & PC

Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 Remote Play feature is coming to the Mac and PC.


Barclays Walks On Thin Ice After Britain Banking Watchdog Fines £72M For Funding Criminal Activity, Terrorism?

Barclays is currently walking on thin ice. The Banking giant has apparently been fined millions and millions of pounds for a controversy that involved its possible funding of criminal activity or terrorism in 2011.


REI Ditches Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday Shopping Tradition By Closing Retail Stores Nationwide, Pays Almost 12K Employees To Enjoy The Outdoors Amid Company’s #OptOutside Campaign

In spite of the fact that Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are among the busiest shopping days of the year and literally good days for raking profits, REI chose to ditch the holidays and announced they were closing its 143 stores nationwide. The announcement was made public last month and was also a closing notice was also posted on their website amid its #OptOutside campaign.

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