Models Who Worked For Trump’s Agency Reveal What It Was Like For Them

Though people may think that being a model is all about glamour all the time, models who worked for Trump's agency, Trump Model Management, have the real story on what goes on behind the scenes. Find out how two young immigrant models fared while working for the agency.

Donald Trump

A Company Is Offering Employees A Paid Week Off To Care For Their New Dog

A company in Scotland is offering employees a paid week off to care for their new dog. The good news? The perk is available to all their employees across the world.


Samsung Heir Jay Y. Lee Prison Update: Here’s How The Samsung Boss Is Living Behind Bars

After being arrested and charged with perjury, bribery, embezzlement, and hiding of assets overseas, Samsung heir Jay Y. Lee is now living a very different lifestyle in prison.


Spotify To Create Thousands Of Jobs In New York In Expansion Plan

Spotify is moving to New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo welcomed the decision.

Spotify Expands In New York



Jobs & Career News

Here’s How You’re Damaging Your Career


Though you work hard, you might be unconsciously sabotaging yourself at work. Here are some of the ways that you're damaging your career.

These Are The Things That Confident People Never Do


It takes more than being secure in one's personal appearance to be truly confident. Learn about all the things that confident people never do.

These Are The Things That You Should Have In The Office When You’re Sick


Sick but you absolutely have to make it to work today? Here are the things that you should have in the office when you're not feeling your best.

Job Hunting Tips: Pick Up A Phone & Get Out Of Job Sites

Job hunting tips

Calling up a firm to inquire for job openings is just one tip to to help you on the hunt for a job.

YouTube Star PewDiePie Show Canceled...After Anti-Semitic Jokes | TMZ

Disney Just Fired The Richest YouTube Sensation ‘PewDiePie’

YouTube richest star, Felix Kjellberg, who is famously known as "PewDiePie" just got fired by Disney because of his anti-semitic videos, which he posted on his YouTube channel.

Restaurant Brands International wants to buy Popeyes

Burger King And Tim Hortons Parent Company Wants Popeyes

Restaurant Brands International plans to make Popeyes' fried chicken and other dishes available globally. The transaction value has not yet been determined.

Oil Futures Drops

Oil Supply Cut Addresses Oversupply Problems But Shale Drillers Hit Futures

OPEC and other oil suppliers are trying to limit supply. However, they must have a plan to counter the increased drilling in the United States.

Facebook's number of monthly active users grows

Facebook Had 170 Million More Users In 2015 Compared To 2014

Facebook's monthly active users exceed that of Twitter.


This CEO Says Teenagers Can Benefit From Working At McDonald’s

According to this CEO, teenagers can learn valuable lessons while working at McDonald's. Learn about the hiring process and the benefits that a crew member can get while working for the fast food giant.

RBS Will Reportedly Let Go Of 15,000 Employees

RBS Won’t Confirm Reports of 15,000 Job Cuts

RBS is facing several challenges that dampen its financial results. The company is thinking that workforce reduction will help limit its expenses.

Office Romance

Single And Ready To Mingle On Valentine’s Day? Not In The Office

Finding a romantic partner in an office setting is easy. Maintaining the relationship without exposing yourselves to potential lawsuits is the hard part.

London may lose its title of Gateway to Europe for banks after Brexit.

Brexit May Cost London Its Title Of 'Gateway To Europe'

Germany's top banking regulator says the UK's exit from the European Union may cost it its title of Gateway to Europe for banks.

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