Haggen Gets Go Signal From US Bankruptcy Court To Sell 47 Stores; Sold Outlets To Reopen As Albertsons, Smart & Final, Bristol Farm And Gelson’s

Haggen, in a press release posted in August, made an announcement that its management has decided to sell some of its stores in several locations including in Nevada, California, Arizona, Washington, and Oregon. The heads of the company reasoned that they came to this decision because they would like to further improve the business as well as beef up its competitive side.

Haggen Store

REI Ditches Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday Shopping Tradition By Closing Retail Stores Nationwide, Pays Almost 12K Employees To Enjoy The Outdoors Amid Company’s #OptOutside Campaign

In spite of the fact that Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are among the busiest shopping days of the year and literally good days for raking profits, REI chose to ditch the holidays and announced they were closing its 143 stores nationwide. The announcement was made public last month and was also a closing notice was also posted on their website amid its #OptOutside campaign.


Barclays Walks On Thin Ice After Britain Banking Watchdog Fines £72M For Funding Criminal Activity, Terrorism?

Barclays is currently walking on thin ice. The Banking giant has apparently been fined millions and millions of pounds for a controversy that involved its possible funding of criminal activity or terrorism in 2011.




Jobs & Career News

Mistakes Most Aspirants Commit During A Phone Job Interview

Winter Blues Beckon As Daylight Hours Foreshorten

Phone interview is the next step after an aspirant catches the recruiter's attention by submitting an impeccable application. It is one of the processes recruiters use to know more about the applicant's skills and information after he or she passed the first phase of his or her job search. This opportunity is something that every aspirant must not waste especially that it can lead to a much greater chance of getting the job one has ever wanted. With success, it becomes the key to a much more significant chapter of job search, and that is the all-important traditional in-person job interview process.

Guidelines In Nailing A Phone Job Interview

American Airlines Unveils New $1.1 Billion Terminal At JFK Airport

You can never nail a phone job interview without preparation. So make sure to use these tips to strengthen one's edge in the midst of job market competition. Remember, never depend your success on just mere luck — start preparing for it as soon as possible.

Things An Applicant Must Not Do During An Online Job Interview

things must not do during online job interview

During an online job interview, aspirants only have about 10 to 15 minutes to show off to their interviewers. So make every moment counts. Maximize the opportunities. Plan ahead, take time to practice, do one's best, and enjoy the moment. Use these tips to succeed in the online job interview and be employed the soonest.

How To Nail An Online Job Interview

Ebay To Sell Majority Stake In Internet Phone Company Skype

Some people might think that online job interviews and the traditional face-to-face ones are similar. But the thing is, questions asked during both process might be the same but the entire experience is not. That's why one must understand that preparations for both processes are also different.

Brilliant Tips For A Healthier And More Beautiful Skin Perfect For Job Interviews

Weekly Jobless Claims Drop To Five Year Low

The job interview process is very tiring and stressing especially that there are a lot of things to consider as an aspirant prepare for the big day. Aspirants need to be familiar with some possible interview questions first. He or she should also have to research and decide for the perfect outfit and hairstyle to impress one's recruiter. With all these things to consider, most people would often set aside taking care of their skin leaving it dull and dry.

OnePlus X

Upgrade Your OnePlus X With Oxygen OS Update — Improvements And Added Features Here!

Make your OnePlus X even better with the latest Oxygen OS update.


CalPERS Fees Generate Controversy Over Risky Investments

CalPERS received a substantial amount of controversy after it revealed its high-risk investments.

Hormel Foods products

Hormel Foods Board Of Directors Announces Authorized 2-For-1 Stock Split

Hormel Foods is celebrating its 124th year anniversary with a bang after its board of directors approved a 2-for-1 stock split — the 10th time since the company was conceived.

Huawei Phablet (Not the Huawei Mate 8)

Huawei Mate 8 Features, Specs, Pricing & Release Date

Check out the Huawei Mate 8's features, pricing and specifications.

Light Bulb

LiFi Vs. WiFi: Tested To Be 100 Times Faster, Is Light Fidelity The Next Big Wave in Wireless Connection? How Does It Work?

Light bulbs have been serving the people for centuries, providing illumination at home, offices, streets, and everywhere else. But in this century, LED lights were introduced and it seems that it can do more than just give light.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy A5 Is Getting Sharper, Crisper Images With Its 720p Resolution Screen

Samsung revealed plans to refresh the Galaxy A line, including the Samsung Galaxy A5.

Thanksgiving Shopping Hours 2015

Thanksgiving Shopping Hours: Don't Miss The Best Deals! Here's Your Guide To Store Opening Hours For Easy Holiday Shopping Spree

Shopping has always been part of the Thanksgiving holiday. People usually buy Christmas gifts around this time too since this is the season when most stores go on super sale.

General Mills

General Mills Shifts To Cage-Free Eggs By 2025, Promises Parents Healthier Cereals For Children

General Mills has set a time frame to shift to cage-free eggs by 2025. What's more, the company promises parents to produce healthier cereals for children.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy A9 To Hit Market Before 2016? Listing Of New Smartphone Spotted

A new smartphone listing was found in Samsung's site, which prompted rumors of a new upcoming smartphone by the end of the year.

Nokia phones

Upcoming Nokia C1 Android Phone Designs LEAKED

Leaked images of the upcoming Android Nokia smartphone spread, prompting rumors regarding the Nokia C1.

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