Rubicon Project President Leaves Amid Business Restructuring

Rubicon Project is kicking out some of its employees. The company's CEO says it will help the company improve.

Rubicon Project President Resigns

Teenager Behind ‘On Fleek’ Is Raising Money To Launch A Beauty Line

After not getting any compensation for creating the phrase "on fleek," Kayla Newman is ready to make her own fortune as the teenager has started a crowdfunding campaign to start her own business.


McDonald’s Employees Reveal The Meanest Things That Customers Have Done To Them

Working in a fast food is not easy, especially if you have to deal with angry customers. Find out the meanest things that customers have done to McDonald's employees.


Liberal Arts Majors Will Be In Demand, Says Mark Cuban

Software Development jobs will soon disappear to be replaced by Liberal Arts ones, says Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban



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Small Business Advice: How To Prepare For Growth

Expanding Your Business

Business owners have to look into several factors before growing their business. Manpower and excess cash should be part of the list of factors to think about.

Here Are The Items In Your Office That Are Making You Sick


Do you find yourself getting sick every single month? Some of these items in your office may be the culprit behind your illnesses.

Actions Women Should Avoid To Protect Their Careers

Saying Sorry Could Hurt Your Career

Saying sorry can ruin women's career. Other actions should also be lessened in order to be successful in their chosen fields.

How To Be The Most Hated Person In The Office


If you want to experience what it's like to be the least-liked person in the office, try these tips. Before long, you'll be the most hated person in the workplace.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Grocery Store Opens In Hong Kong

Can't get enough of Hello Kitty merchandise? You might want to visit the new Hello Kitty grocery store in Hong Kong, which carries food items, water bottles, and even apples emblazoned with the iconic character's face.

Will Facebook Jobs replace LinkedIn?

Will Facebook Jobs Replace LinkedIn As The Next Job Site?

Will Jobs on Facebook replaced LinkedIn as the next go-to job site?

Returnship Program at Goldman Sachs

Internships: Mid-Career Internship Available For Returning Workers

Internships are no longer for college students or new graduates anymore. Goldman Sachs, General Motors, and more companies are offering a return internship or a mid-career internship program.

Price For Yahoo! Assets Lowers

Verizon Secures Lower Price For Yahoo After Hacking Probe Results

Hacking probe has negatively impacted the price for Yahoo! assets. However, Verizon could face more litigation expenses in the future in connection with the assets it wants to buy.

Several Outback Steakhouse Restaurants Are Closing

Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba's Italian Grill And Fleming's Prime Steakhouse Restaurants To Close

Bloomin' Brands will close several locations of some of its restaurant chains. Poor performance was the main instigator of the decision.

Hiring Young People Can Boost Small Businesses

Tips On Making Young People Want To Join Your Small Business

Small businesses should consider hiring more young people. However, that does not mean that they should stop hiring older ones.

Get Pass Career Crisis

How To Beat Quarter-Life Career Crisis

Beating quarter-life career crisis is as easy as holding your resolve. However, you must also know when to stop running after a career that is not right for you.


Signs That You’re Doing Well At Your Job

There's no need to wait for a commendation from your boss to know that you're doing an awesome job. Here are the signs that you're doing well at work.

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