Build Your Own Home or Buy: Things You Need to Know Before You Decide

Things that buyers should know before they decide to buy an established property or build a new home.

National Association Of Realtors Issues Existing Home Sales For March

Job Tips & Advice: To Be Successful In Work, Never Say These Words

Successful people usually have certain attitudes and habits that contribute to their success, and one of those habits is avoiding certain words or phrases that are detrimental to a person's mindset.

Tesla Debuts Its New Crossover SUV Model, Tesla X

Amazon's Newest Grocery Store: Could There Have Been A Mistake?

Could there have been a mistake on Amazon Go's grocery store?

The Amazon Grocery Store



Jobs & Career News

Timeless Career Tips That Are Now Considered Outdated In A Modern WorkPlace: 3 Career Advice That Promotes Healthy Modern Employee Relations

Unemployed Marketing Professional Searches For A Job

It pays divedend to heed the career tips from our seniors. However, some of their career advice are now considered antiquated and unfit for modern workplace. ...

Social Media Marketing: Building Boundless Success To Business

Effective social media marketing

How social media marketing give voice to your business that could reach everyone. ...

US Employment Growth Is Reaching Stability: Growth Soon To Reduce, US Currently Has A 'Powerhouse' Economy

Donald Trump

The US economy is improving steadily but employment rates -- growing at an annual pace since 2014 -- may slowly reach stability. Economy at its strongest since 2008. ...

Job Tips: How To Be Happy In One's Chosen Career

Office Worker

Happiness is important in everything, even in once career path. Here are the ways to be happy at once work. ...

College Students Attend Job Fair In Japan

Productivity Tips: 10 Things You Need To Quit To Achieve Your Goals

In a certain jobs, there are habit that you are used to do every time. These may be good, or sometimes bad. Giving more and giving less is not good at all. Sometimes, all you need to do is to balance everything to achieve all your goals. ...

Microsoft Annual Shareholders Meeting

Microsoft Surface Phone: The ‘Most Ultimate Mobile Device’? Latest News, Release Date & Features Revealed!

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella that a "Microsoft Surface Phone" just might surface in markets in 2017 and end Apple's and Samsung's domination in the mobile market. ...

‘Amazon Go’,’s First Grocery Store Officially Opens in Seattle

‘Amazon Go’,’s First Grocery Store Officially Opens in Seattle Inc., one of the largest online retail stores in the world, is expanding its availability for customers’ access as the company opens it very first grocery store called “Amazon Go”. ...

Gilmore Girls Cast

Netflix News Updates: 'Offline Mode' Not Enough For Expansion; Huge Call For Localization And Price Drop

Streaming giant Netflix's "offline mode" is insufficient to make it attractive to markets. Translating its English series inventory into 200 languages and dropping its prices could be the keys to its global expansion. ...

The Scale Collective Event

Social Skills: Business Management's Ultimate Tools For Successful Business

Many people tend to focus more on giving out their energy and end up all worn out by sundown. While a great deal of effort and endurance is important, hardwork alone is not enough. It must be coupled with excellent social skills. ...

Smartphone with Social Media Apps

'Sexploitation' Now Using Social Media Comfort Zones: Hackers Become Friends With Victims First Before Collecting Blackmail Material

Hackers are becoming friends with a victim's friends to introduce an idea of security. Trusting social media users are warned to be aware as blackmail scams become increasingly difficult to identify in social media. ...

San Jose Is Wealthiest City In Nation

Top 5 US Cities For Seeking Year End Jobs

For the benefit of people still seeking jobs in 2016, recent reports feature the top 5 US cities for unemployed citizens. ...

Here's What to Expect From Surface Pro 5

Know Surface Pro 5 Excellent Features That Combine Both Apple's MacBook Pro Versions 2016 And 2017

Everything about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, when released in 2017 is expected to one-up Apple's MacBook Pro, both the 2016 and next year's version, and the details known so far indeed point to that direction. ...

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