Apple Making A Big Move Towards Virtual Reality

In the past years Apple has managed to fulfill user’s needs with Apple products ranging from iPhones to Apple smart watches, now recent talks indicating that Apple has evidently made a step towards the field of Virtual-Reality technology, a game changer that would allow Apple users to tap in a complete computer-generated world.

Virtual Reality Headset

Hacker Access Records Of Employee At Justice And Homeland Security

A cyberattack was carried out on Monday, when an unknown hacker managed to infiltrate the federal government gaining access of records containing around 9,000 of employees information at the Department of Homeland Security and 20,000 at F.B.I in less than 24 hours.


Instagram Tests New Account Switching Feature On iOS

With this feature, you can manage several accounts on Instagram.


Google Cardboard Getting An Upgrade, Google VR Promises Headset

Google had been busy making sure its Virtual Reality products are leading the industry and its next step may be leaving the Cardboard behind. Imagine Google's VR without the Cardboard.

Google Cardboard



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Super Bowl 50 Commercials 2016: The Best Ads

Super Bowl 50 logo

Super Bowl doesn't just mean football season, it also means that advertisers pay big bucks to grab a time slot since it's a must-see event for all advertisers and businesses. The Super Bowl 50 puts all ads on the spot since it's the Big 50 of ...

iPhone 7 Onto Making A Huge Impact

Apple Quarterly Earnings Buoyed By Strong iPhone Sales

iPhone has been always the source of Apple’s sales. And this year, Apple is going to find itself in a very intriguing position for both the company and its investors. ...

Twitter Introduces Facebook Style Feed, Twitter's Timeline Has New Algorithm

Twitter feed

The Twitter world was outraged when the announcement came that the social media plaftorm decided to beceom Facebook like when it introduces a new algorithm. Twitter's timeline will have a Facebook style feed. ...

Technology Students Showcase ‘STEM’ Skills In Lancaster County Competition


Technology students from different county schools in Pennsylvania gathered for the annual gathering and competition. ...

Apple New Security Check – Can Disable iPhone and iPad

Apple Launches iPhone 5s And 5c In China

Apple is recently receiving criticisms because of a security check that the company has incorporated in its latest iPhone and iPad units. This feature is capable of disabling the device completely if it has been repaired by a technician not ...

World Market Has Fallen As US Jobs Report Hinted Interest Rate Hike

Global Markets Continue Last Week's Steep Decline

Recent statistics show that US jobs dropped below 5 percent starting in February 2008, overshadowing the news that the jobs report in January was more fragile than expected. The world market fell after this news was revealed on Friday. ...

Taiwan Earthquake Update: 23 Dead, 100 Trapped Under Collapsed Building

Earthquake Hits Southern Taiwan

As of the latest report, 23 have died as a Taiwan earthquake of 6.4 magnitude devastated the small country. About 100 people are feared trapped under the damaged building in the city of Tainan. ...

Kylie Jenner's New Lip Kits Sell Out In Ten Minutes

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - February 4, 2016

Having just announced her second batch of lip kits along with the new shades, Kylie Jenner's products started selling out with a span of ten minutes or less each. ...

SoftBank Chairman Masayoshi Son Attends Earnings News Conference

Netflix Has A Surprising Impact On Relationships, Studies Show

Netflix conducted a survey that showcases its urprising impact on people and relationships. ...


Super Bowl Is Market Share Play For Coke & Pepsi

With millions of attendees, the Super Bowl is indeed a market game changer for both Coke and Pepsi. ...

New Apple Watches On Display At The Fifth Avenue Apple Inc. Store

Apple's Watch 2 - When Is It Coming, And What Features Will It Have?

The upcoming Apple Watch 2 has techies and Apple-lovers on the edge of their seats. Mac World UK reports on the rumors it has heard about the release date of the Apple Watch 2, as well as some new features it might incorporate. ...

New Apple Watches On Display At The Fifth Avenue Apple Inc. Store

Apple's Watch 2 - When Is It Coming, And What Features Will It Have?

The upcoming Apple Watch 2 has techies and Apple-lovers on the edge of their seats. Mac World UK reports on the rumors it has heard about the release date of the Apple Watch 2, as well as some new features it might incorporate. ...

Drone Delivering A Package

First Drone Delivery In Rural China Completed, the second-largest online seller in China announced last week that it has started experimenting with drones in the delivery of small packages to remote areas which are difficult for delivery trucks to reach. The Beijing-based company used its ...

Views Of Refineries As Oil Trades Near 12-Year Low

Oil Price Has Dropped Again, Oil Producers Meet Over Oil Glut

Because of unstable trading last Friday, oil price has dropped again and ended the week at lower prices, cutting short their two week gains. The market reacted to frenzied rumors that the biggest oil producers will strike a deal leading to a global ...

Stock prices are displayed in the studio at the Nasdaq Marke

Nasdaq Has Fallen Friday – Lowest In 15 Months

A disappointing jobs report issued on Friday sent the Nasdaq composite falling to its lowest level in over 15 months. This signified the end of the short winning streak experienced by Wall Street last week. ...

Yahoo president and CEO Marissa Mayer speaks during the Fortune Global Forum

While Yahoo Paid COO Big Money, 1,700 Workers For Lay Off

Yahoo latest news reveals that Henrique de Castro, former Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo, is right in the middle of a controversy within the company. He was apparently paid US $60 million in severance, according to a ruling of a Delaware judge last ...

Japan Reacts As North Korea Launch Long-range Rocket

USA, Other Countries Have Condemned North Korea Long-Range Rocket Launch

The USA and other countries have condemned North Korea for its recent launching of a long-range rocket, a defense ministry official of South Korea has reported Sunday. ...


Canon Has Just Launched EOS 1D X Mark II

Canon has just recently unveiled its latest high tech camera, the EOS 1D X Mark II. This is the camera company’s flagship DSLR model that comes with the latest 20.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor equipped with Dual Pixel Autofocus. ...

New York Stock Exchange

Workers Wages Are High Now, But Slower Job Growth Worries Financial Market

American workers are now seeing a fatter pay cheque this year after years of wage stagnation. However the job growth is slower and it is something finance analysts are looking at for the year ahead. ...

Facebook logo

Facebook's Mobile Ads Earns $13 Billion, Mobile Advertisements Shows Good Business

Facebook's Mobile Ads are now poised at $13 Billion which makes it the social media platform's most grown business from nothing to billions in just a few years. ...

Empire State Building Lights Turn Red In Honor Of World AIDS Day

Man Crashes Drone Into Empire State Building

A drone operated by a man from New Jersey crashed into the Empire State Building last week (Feb. 4) around 20:00 when its owner lost control. ...

Inside Nintendo World As The 2DS And 3DS Go On Sale

Pokemon Go Update: Niantic To Release Pure Excitement And Great Challenges

Fans of Pokemon Go, the free-to-play mobile game, now have many reasons to celebrate. There was no news about it since it was announced in September 2015. ...


Alphabet Has Just Dethroned Apple As Most Valuable Company

Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, has already taken over the place of Apple Inc. as the most valuable company in the U.S. This was made possible during the after-hours trading on Monday. Effectively, the iPhone maker was knocked off from its ...

 Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump On Throwback Picture With Daughter Ivanka Trump On Twitter, #Awkward

Donald Trump is known to post awkward political statements on Twitter that makes people cringe at his plaftorm. Recently, a picture of Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump surfaced the internet and it puts viewers in an awkward state. ...

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