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Jobs types that are good and bad for your health


The website has published a list of jobs that are good and bad for your health. A position that is healthy, describes L. Casey Chosewood, MD in the article, a senior medical officer at National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, "Employees need respect, benefits, wellness incentives, and control over their work." She adds that "What matters equally is the quality of life away from work, and how we can protect and grow that."

Topping the list was the Fitness instructor, which is a role that requires some type of exercise from whether it is yoga or choreography. According to career and finance expert Donna DeZube, "These jobs offer positive interactions with others, creativity, and flexibility with your schedule." However, she admits that "Usually, unless you own a studio or are a full-time employee somewhere, you're not going to be getting benefits," she says. "You'll have to pay for your own health insurance."

Software engineers took second place. Those who have work in this profession often work for companies like Google or Intel. Dr. Chosewood explains how "the more progressive companies that hold their workers accountable for the work they produce, not necessarily the hours they spend in the office."

Florists came in third as being one of the best jobs for your health. Ms. DeZube explains how "Being around plants and nature has been shown to reduce stress and blood pressure." She admits that the "benefits probably extend to horticulturists, gardeners, and landscapers too." 

Completing the top 10 best jobs are insurance workers, health professionals, government employees, administrative assistants, and small business employees. For the completed list check out:,,20590300,00.html.

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