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Best international travel jobs

If your idea of a perfect job is not 9 to 5, but involves going around the world to new and exotic places then has a list of the best positions that require international travel. The article's author Cherrine Banks describes that careers requiring travel worldwide are usually available "with nonprofit organizations, private organizations and government agencies, including the United States Department of State." She explains how "Individuals who desire an international travel career should possess communication, interpersonal and technical skills."

 At first place are cruise ship directors. This job primarily involves "organizing ship performance schedules and directing passenger services." This individual may also require setting up tours, organizing transportation, and events.  Most employers will look for directors that have previous experience with cruise lines, while some only look for a college degree in hospitality or business management.

In second place is the diplomatic security special agent. This position is extremely challenging in that the role involves "performing investigations, such as counter-terrorism, and helping with diplomatic security programs." Agents are required to be American citizens and have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice or political science. There is also a rigorous security background check as well as a Diplomatic Security Training Center (DSTC) program to be considered qualified for security clearances.  This job can take you anywhere around the world, especially Iraq or Afghanistan.

Working as an international sales manager also requires a good deal of international travel. This job's responsibilities include "administering international sales policies and establishing markets in foreign countries." Any employer in this field looks for someone with a sales manager background or a person with an advanced degree in finance, marketing, or international studies. Some of the types of businesses that hire for this position include manufacturing companies, automotive companies and department stores.

Lastly, working as an International Travel Writer is another position that requires going to different companies. Places that are usually visited may include anywhere in Europe to Asia or Africa. The articles primarily published by travel writers can include interviews or reviews on certain cities or tourist hotspots. A typical employer may be a magazine or country book publisher. Having an associate's or bachelor's degree in journalism or communications in addition to previous travel writing experience is usually sought after in this role. 



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