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7 Things You Should be In An Interview

The job market today is as competitive as ever and the interview process is what sets applicants apart for the most part. There are tons of tips out there, on what you should wear, what you should say, and what you shouldn't say. The following tips are 7 things you should be in a job interview. Now, there's a difference between "Being" and "Acting."

Although many assume that an interview is a chance to put on a show, it's really a chance to BE what the prospective employer would need you to be on the job 24/7!

BE Familiar 

One of the best ways to impress an interviewer is to show that you know what the job/company is all about. Being familiar with what the company does illustrates your legitimate interest in the business and shows that you are not wasting their time. Do your homework before arrival and check out the company website for information about products and services. Be impressive!

BE Flexible

Work environments are forever changing and prospective employers are seeking out candidates that are open to change and are willing to adapt at a moment's notice. If you know you won't be open to working additional hours or taking on additional job duties in a crunch, don't assume that you'll mindset will change after the interview... you have to actually be willing from the start.

BE Energetic and optimistic

There's nothing like a candidate who is upbeat and positive. Employers want candidates with optimism and a "can-do" attitude. Attitudes are pretty contagious and have a direct effect on the company morale. Be sure to let your optimism shine through.

BE Experienced

Again, the job market is competitive and you are competing against thousands of experiences and skills. Highlight any previous job duties that relates directly to your new job. For example, if you held a management position, state every time that you were responsible for the supervision, training and development of other employees. You should also describe how you increased productivity using specific examples.

BE A Team Player

This lets the interviewer know that you can flourish in group situations. You have to be willing to work with others in order to get where you want to be in life. Companies are looking for employees that are cooperative and get along well with other employees. Not to mention, some of the greatest ideas are created in groups.


BE Willing to Learn

You want to WANT become an expert in your field. Employers love applicants that are increasing their knowledge base to make themselves the best employees possible. Stating that you are striving to become an expert will cause employers to view you as an asset and not a liability. You will then become a resource that other employees can learn from.

BE Motivated
Motivation is key and often times, people search for it in the words and encouragement of others. However, once you have that motivation within yourself, then you know you're all set. A motivated employee is a productive employee.  Companies are searching for dependable employees that they can count on no matter what.

Bottom Line

The job interview is an opportunity to sell yourself and learning to BE these things before stepping into the interviewer's office, will eliminate the need for a performance during and even after the interview process.

BE the part in a Job interview, don't just act it.

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