Jun 30, 2012 02:17 PM EDT

iPhone 5 Concept: Transparent Screen, Laser Projected Keyboard [VIDEO]


One iPhone 5 concept is standing out amongst many others created in anticipation of the new phone's release. Created by 17-year-old Dakota Adney, the Apple-like commercial demonstrates what the iPhone would look like with a transparent screen and a virtually projected Keyboard.

Adney created a video of the iPhone with iOS6, a quad-core A5 chip, and see-through Retina Display. The teenager highlighted the ease of using different applications such as Twitter, Instagram, and even what it would look like to write a text message on the screen. The virtual keyboard is said to be laser projected on the lower end of the device. The gadget also allows users to see right through the phone while capturing images.

Adney's iPhone concept sets the bar high for the upcoming iPhone 5 and demonstrates how users are expecting impressive high-quality features.

The iPhone 5 concept is not the only one catching viewers' eye as creative and impressive, Adney is too.

Adney is a teenage student from Oklahoma with very innovative ideas as well as striking production skills.

This Apple iOS concept is not the first of its kind, Adney also made one similar to it, but for the iPad 3 concept, created for the product last year. He is also known for creating a witty MacBook Air promo.

iPhone 5 fans are still keeping a close eye out for the release of the device, but what's making the wait bearable is the exciting new concepts fans are coming up with.



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