Jul 03, 2012 02:37 PM EDT

iPhone Made These Startups Rich

Apple continuously sees success and increase in its stock prices with the launch of every new iPhone. Luckily for the little guys that make up the application features of the iPhone, they too get a cut of the success. Numerous companies profit from the Apple platform, and here are five startups that have cashed in thanks to Apple's mobile device.

1. Siri

Siri is one of Apple's well-known and most loved applications, referred to as a "hall of fame" app by the company. Apple paid  a total of close to $200 million for the Siri company.

2. Rovio Mobile-Angry Birds

The whole Angry Birds craze all started with the app being available on the iPhone. Rovio Mobile is the company backing the Angry Birds game and without the help of the iPhone allowing the game to be experienced by its many users, Angry Birds may not have been the big hit it is today.

3. Tapulous

Tapulous' Tap Tap revenge was one of the most popular and earliest iPhone games. It was the iPhone version of Guitar Hero that became so successful through the iPhone that Disney ended up buying Tapulous.

4. Simplify

Simplify Media is a startup that focuses on music streaming through syncing a desktop computer to your iPhone. Due to the success of the product, Apple competitor, Google, bought the company to give this same music access to Android users.

5. Poly9 and Placebase

Poly9 and Placebase were two startup companies focused on mapping. Without Apple's interest in using the mapping features these companies offered, they may not have been as successful as they had become.

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