Jul 27, 2015 06:00 AM EDT

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ UPDATE: Warner Bros. Recalls PC Version, DLC Release Suspended; NVIDIA Aids In Fixing

Warner Bros. was aware of the problems the PC port of "Batman: Arkham Knight" was having but pushed the release anyway. Currently, sales have been suspended while it's being fixed by a different studio aided by NVIDIA.

Tom Peterson of NVIDIA said that it was a mistake for Warner Bros., launching the game when its PC performance was not fully optimized.

Peterson added that a lot of things are currently being fixed which are not necessarily related. However, some are related to NVIDIA's driver, Uber Gizmo reported.

He did not disclose what these issue are, but promised that NVIDIA will deploy its quality assurance resources and engineers to make "Batman: Arkham Knight" a great game.

Neither Warner Bros. nor NVIDIA confirmed the re-launch of "Batman: Arkham Knight " PC version. However, recent reports stated that the update would not be available until Spring in Australia.

In Australia, Spring starts on Sept. 1., which means that customers in the United States will have to wait until Fall. There are no official statements from the company's side on how are they going to compensate the affected users.

Don't fret guys because this issue only took down the "Batman: Arkham Knight" PC version, so the console side is completely fine. The launch wasn't a complete failure.

Despite the problem, Warner Bros. is determined to provide a satisfying and exciting experience to its loyal consumers. Venture Capital Post learned that the company will add thrilling features on its DLC release each month, within the six-month window period.

For DLC purchasers of "Batman: Arkham Knight," Batgirl can be played under mission "A Matter of Family." Other features cited were the different versions of Batmobile and the new maps.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" was described by Forbes as "one big game, spread out over a big city, with certainly no shortage of things to do." The game is full of secrets and action, so definitely, the release of its PC version is something that PC gamers are looking forward to.

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