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'ANTM' Cycle 22: 5 Things Delanie Dischert Shared After Getting Eliminated For Being 'Too Pretty' For Tyra Banks, Judges [PHOTOS]

"ANTM" Cycle 22 — Is there really such a thing as "too pretty" in a competition where sellable looks are the basis of winning? "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 22's first evictee Delanie Dischert may be the best answer.

The 22-year-old Delawarean was sent home in the third episode of The CW's "ANTM," and host Tyra Banks cited that she was apparently "too pretty" for the judges, adding that her legs were lifeless, Delaware Online has learned.

After it was revealed that she got eliminated from the competition, Banks reiterated that Dischert is a "beautiful model" and that she is "such a beauty" that she has caused the judges to wonder if she is too pretty for the modelling competition.

Speaking of the legs of the blue-eyed aspiring model, Tyra said, "There's a challenge with you because those feet up to the waist are stuck in cement."

Following her departure from the show, Delanie Dischert shared a couple of things she learned and experienced from joining the longest-running modelling search on television. Below are five of them.

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1. Delanie said "ANTM" gave her confidence level a boost.

Talking about the lessons she learned, Dischert admitted that the model search helped her improve her posing and boosted her confidence to a whole new level.

"My confidence in modeling has gone to a new level and having Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, Yu Tsai and Miss J give me feedback and see me improve on my modeling skills was so rewarding," she said, according to Gossip and Gab. "I can't wait for the world to see the extent of my talents."

2. Delanie found Nyle to be the most comfortable-to-work-with male model.

When asked about her most difficult time on the show, Dischert revealed that it was during the "Bound by Love" shoot, which she did with deaf contender Nyle. She said that a lot of things happened on the set of the photoshoot, but she overcame everything because of Nyle.

"Regardless of all these mishaps, though, my partner, Nyle, was amazing, and so respectful, so I was a lot more comfortable with him than the other guys. We didn't have the ability to communicate on set like the other groups did because Nyle's translator was not on set that day and we didn't have room for his cellphone, so we really just had to feel each other out," she said.

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3. Delanie admitted she didn't expect to be the first to leave the competition.

The University of Delaware junior frankly said that she was surprised she got eliminated this early. She also regretted the fact that she didn't get the chance to showcase what she's capable of in the competition.

Dischert said, "I was honestly surprised I was eliminated! I believe I was a big threat to the competition, however, I didn't have enough time on the show to really show what I'm made of. I think that people underestimated me because of my kindness and the fact that I stayed away from drama."

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4. Delanie is a victim of bullying.

In an interview with She Knows, Delanie revealed that she has also fallen victim to bullying. She even agreed that Yu Tsai was pretty tough on her.

The ex-"ANTM" contender said, "I have been a victim of bullying for the better part of my life. Therefore, I became very defensive of those who are being picked on. I wasn't willing to stray from my morals and beliefs. I want to be perceived as a real and serious model."

She then added, "Although Yu Tsai was tough on me, he truly made me a better model. The tips he gave me as he saw me model were on point, and this guy is a master; he knows what he's doing."


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5. Delanie is hungry... to show the world her talents.

Although Dischert will surely miss a lot of happenings in the reality competition, she's more than happy and excited to show the industry what she's really capable of. And she also thanked the fans for their support.

"Now more than ever I'm hungry to show the world what they missed of Delanie Dischert. With my extra talents in singing, acting and dancing, I'm excited to see where life takes me. I have to send the biggest thank-you to my followers, fans and supporters for showing me their love and confidence in me," she said.

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