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Resume Builder: Key Word Tips: Help That Will Land You A Job

It seems as if Technology has made just about every part of our lives a little easier and more convenient.

Access to friends and family and shopping can all be obtained through the click of a mouse. However, not all part of our lives has gotten easier.

Technology has made applying for a job possibly one of the most daunting and difficult task to complete. Gone are the days when a person who was very qualified for position could just walk in to companies HR office and hand them their resume.

Gone are the days when an employer could determine the integrity of an applicant from simply sitting down and talking with them on the phone.

Enter the "Google/keyword-era"

Thanks to technology searching for employment has become a race for the matching keywords. Companies have cut down their HR departments and replaced them with database software that is similar to Google's algorithm search engine.

You may be the perfect fit for a position within a company, however if the description of your past positions do not contain the companies desired keywords, your resume will fall into internet oblivion.

Here are a couple tips to avoid falling into that inaccessible, inescapable, unwanted, black hole.

1.    If you are, make the necessary changes to your resume so that a potential employer will see the fit. Be sure to use the same keywords while writing your resume as the ones found in the ad.

2.     If a position requires that you are experienced with copy editing and online reporting, make sure that your resume contains the phrase "Copy editor, online reporter."

3.    Your resume will not keep an employer's attention if it's simply a list of your previous job responsibilities, but will if it instead includes your achievements and measurable accomplishments.

4.    Remember, your resume is used to market yourself to an employer. You are trying to make them feel as if hiring you will increase profit, increase company performance and save on company spending.

5.    Always try to keep you resume to one page, listing only your greatest achievements, most prestigious job titles and rigorous job duties.

6.       Lastly, if you are going to be applying for different jobs and using different resumes with different keywords, keep a not of what jobs you applied for. The last thing you want is to go to an interview and you bring the wrong resume. That will surely be no fun to you or the employer.

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