Aug 06, 2012 09:38 AM EDT

Career News 2012: Lack Of Sleep Might Cause You To Suffer In Work Performance.


Performing well at the office doesn't just have to do with knowing your material and having a good work ethic.

Lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on the body, it can affect the  alteration of hormones, metabolism and can even simulate effects of aging. Chronic sleep loss can reduce the capacity for young adults to perform basic metabolic functions such as processing and storing carbohydrates that are essential for energy and basic work performance in and out of the office.

According to the University Of Chicago Medical Center, workers who did not receive a full eight hours of sleep produced shocking changes in glucose tolerance and endocrine function. Basically, results showed changes that resembled the effects of advance aging and the early stages of diabetes all after just one week of study.

Despite the numerous amounts of studies that have been conducted by many major universities and Doctors, most workers find that it is impossible to get a full seven to eight hours of sleep at night due to their stressful demands at work and the demand from their employers.

With the unemployment rate stalling at 8.3 percent, workers are reluctant to let their guard down when it comes to sleep because of their fear of another employee or prospective employee being able to accomplish more work at home or getting the leg-up on an assignment because of their ability to cut back on sleep.

However, even the most impressive employee that is cutting back on sleep will eventually burn themselves out and feel the negative effects of it.

Here are a few tips to gaining a full night's rest.

1.       Don't drink or eat three hours before bedtime.

2.       Don't drink coffee or tea in the afternoon.

3.       Turn off all electronics about an hour before you go to bed.

4.       Do not work at night.

5.       Try to use a white-noise machine to reduce city noise.

6.       Try not to work in the bedroom-that makes you associate the bedroom with work and daytime.

7.       Cover up the window to make sure that no light gets in.

In conclusion, a lack of sleep can create problems concentrating throughout the day, creating a vicious cycle of unrest.

If you want to perform better, you're going to have to start counting more sheep in the bedroom.

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