Sep 09, 2015 06:00 AM EDT

UFO Sightings 2015 [VIDEO]: Latest Alien Encounter Shocks Ryanair Jet Passenger; Pilot Takes Emergency Evasive Action To Avoid Collision

Another alleged UFO sighting has been recently recorded during a Ryanair flight from the Netherlands bound for Spain. According to the reports, a passenger of the commercial airline was marveling the view as she took a video from her seat window when she captured a bizarre object flying closely to the Boeing 737 jet plane's wing.

The strange object, which is thought to be a UFO sighting, was seen at about four minutes into the video. According to Latino Post, a small black object was seen in the recording that was flying extremely close to the plane. Since the object was spotted near the jet's wing, the pilot must have noticed and took an emergency evasive action to avoid a possible collision.

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The latest UFO sighting was uploaded on YouTube on Sept. 1 by Lions Ground. The video has now over 350,000 views.

"A Dutch passenger captured UFO on video while on board the Ryanair airbus Netherlands (Eindhoven), the Netherlands heading to Spain," the caption of the video read. "Coincidentally, the passenger was recording because she enjoyed the view. After 4 minutes recording this UFO event happened. The engines made a lot of noise and the pilot made suddenly a sharp maneuver. The UFO endangered the aircraft. A lot of panic was on that plane."

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During the alleged close alien encounter, the passenger said the pilot had to tilt sharply to prevent a possible crash with the unidentified object, which was described as "hostile," Daily Express noted.

The alleged UFO sighting has sparked another online debate after the conspiracy theorist claimed that the alien encounter was "hostile," forcing the plane to take evasive maneuvers. He also slammed the speculation, claiming the object may have been a bird. But he said it's quite impossible since it was traveling too fast.

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed Gold coasters were also spotted above Varsity Lakes in Queensland, Australia over the weekend. These close encounters of UFO sightings were first of its kind and have left Australian authorities baffled, Herald Sun reported.

Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority was still unable to confirm if the lights spotted may have been from a drone since recreational drones weren't allowed to fly at night. The Springbrook Mountain Extraterrestrial Response Force (SMERF) was also unable to shed any light on the matter.

Currently, the UFO sightings in Australia are under investigation by the UFO Research Queensland. So, do you think these bizarre objects are proofs that alien life does exist?

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