Aug 17, 2012 09:15 AM EDT

Jobs News 2012: Single Men And Women More Likely To Be Hired Than Married Counterparts.

According to and reports from the University of Chicago, single men and women are more likely to find work than married couples.

The jobs that single men and women accept are typically not the higher paying ones because according to a survey done by the University of Chicago, to single men and women, because they have no one to support but themselves, they are more likely to accept a lower paying job.

According to, unmarried Americans have recovered roughly 90% of the 5 million jobs they lost following the 2009 financial crisis. Married American, meanwhile, has gained back just 22% of the 6 million jobs they once held.

"It may be that among many married couples, it's less crucial that both work," Bruce Meyer, an economist at the University of Chicago, told CNNMoney. "If one is laid off and the other is working, the unemployed spouse can afford to take a while to look for a job."

Stereotypically single men and women tend to be younger and less expensive to employ. Companies know they can hire someone in their 20's for far less then they can hire someone who is in their late 30's early 40's  and seasoned in their career field.

CNNMoney points out; the single population just keeps growing, skewing the numbers a bit.

Either way, the American sentiment for the job market and the overall economy has reached a recent low. In August, 45% of American households said they believe the economy is headed in the wrong direction, up from 36% in July, according to Bloomberg.

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