Sep 12, 2015 07:26 AM EDT

iPhone 6S Features & Specs: 3D Touch, 12-Megapixel Camera, Processor & Other Upgrades!

iPhone's 7th generation or iPhone 6S has just been announced and many consumers are now anticipating the release of Apple's latest iPhone.

The iPhone 6S can be best described as both different yet familiar. Essentially looking the same as its predecessor, one can be hard-pressed to know the difference just by looking at it.

But with the usual Apple' strategy, it's the software and the internal hardware that received the noticeable changes.

3D Touch

According to a review by, the new iPhone 6S features an addition called "3D Touch." It's basically the upgrade of the "Force Touch" tech first seen on the latest MacBook's trackpad.

What it does is it lets you apply a bit of pressure in a compatible part of iOS9 and you activate a so called "peek" function, which shows you more options. For example, in the Mail application, you can use the "3D Touch" to peek at the contents of your email without really opening the app.


The iPhone 6S also receives a significant camera upgrade according to CNET. After years of featuring an 8-megapixel sensor on the previous smartphones' cameras, Apple finally decided to give it a 12-megapixel boost.

And not only that, it allows you to shoot HD videos at a staggering 4K resolution.

Selfie-taking users will also like the new iPhone 6S. Instead of having a dedicated flash for the front camera, Apple utilizes the home screen to LIGHT UP when taking a picture. This results into well-lit selfies, even in low light conditions.

Processor and Other Upgrades.

As reported by Trusted Reviews, the new iPhone is equipped with an A9 processor. It is reported to be 70 percent faster than the iPhone 6 A8 processor.

Moreover, the iPhone 6S will now feature a new type of aluminium casing and glass screen. This move, of course, is to prevent the "bending" problems of the previous iPhone.

Undoubtedly, Apple's new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will take the world by storm, as their new slogan says "The only things that's changed is everything."

The iPhone 6S price starts at $199 with a Verizon plan, while the unlocked version costs $649.

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