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How To Create The Perfect Resume That Will Get You Hired

Your resume is the first thing an employer will use in order to identify who you are as a person and a prospective applicant. Creating the perfect resume is not an easy task but when mastered is a proven way to get pass an online database like Taleo and in front of the perusal of an employer. Also, as an applicant you may need more than just one type of resume. You may need up to ten perfect resumes depending on the job that you are seeking.

Remember, when creating the perfect resume to tailor your resume to the company's job description.  Make a list of the keywords the employer uses, abilities and qualifications the organization seeks. For example, if the employer is looking for a candidate who has SEO experience, knowledge of Google analytics, and proficient knowledge of HTML. Remember to add the same words into your resume.

Many companies use keywords to filter resume. Keyword filtering makes searching for a valuable applicant easy on the employer and their HR department.  So using the proper keywords will help get your resume through the filter and to a real person.

While creating the perfect resume, remember to list and describe in detail however with a small word count accomplishments that are relevant to the position that you are applying for. Do not just think about your previous employment experiences. Consider your volunteer experience, team activities and roles with professional organizations.

During the creation of your perfect resume, remember to use verbs that convey action words. Include concrete examples, such as you assisted with implementation of a new program that increased online traffic by 75 percent over a three-month period.

Seek out the help of a colleague, friend or family member to proofread your perfect resume. This will help avoid overlooked typographical errors that might push your resume to the bottom of the stack. Double-check your contact information for accuracy. If an employer likes your perfect resume but cannot contact you, because you have a mistake on your phone number or address will be a problem for you.

Please, remember, a perfect resume does not look or read similar to other applicants so try to avoid phrases like "responsibilities included." This phrase is highly overused and won't make your resume perfect.

Stem away from using long paragraphs, which make it harder for hiring managers to read your resume quickly.

If you are lacking experience that does not mean that your resume cannot be considered perfect. If you have limited experience, you can highlight other relevant accomplishments that substitute for your lack of on field experience. Many college graduates my face this issue.

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