Sep 30, 2015 10:12 AM EDT

‘Criminal Minds’ Season 11: 3 Things Premiere Episode Is Going To Feature This Wednesday Night


“Criminal Minds” Season 11 is set to premiere this Wednesday night with episode 1 entitled, “The Job.” Below are five things fans can expect from the police procedural series’ premiere.

1. JJ's new bundle of joy

Though actress A.J. Cook is taking some time of from her BAU duties and the CBS show because she's on maternity leave, fans of the long-running series can still see him in the premiere episode. TV Guide has learned that JJ will even bring along a very special guest to the show.

Show exec Erica Messer already confirmed JJ's brief appearance at the premiere of Season 11, and Messer also revealed that A.J. is going to make a cameo with her real baby boy.

"You'll get to meet A.J.'s real little baby, Phoenix. Like what she did with Mekhai [playing JJ's first son Henry], she's having her actual child play JJ's child. "His name is Michael. Henry and Michael. Her whole family will be TV stars," Messer was quoted as saying by TV Guide.

2. A new cast member

While A.J. Cook's JJ is only making a cameo in the premiere of this season, a new cast member is going to be part of the BAU team. According to Buddy TV, the "Criminal Minds" team will welcome new forensic psychologist Dr. Tara Lewis tonight. The character, who is being portrayed by Aisha Tyler, has a special recurring role this season.

Viewers and loyal fans of the show will get to see her in action right away as she is going to work with the BAU team in a case involving a serial killer. Dr. Lewis is set to impress her teammates with her impressive skills in deciphering the particularities of the serial murderer who leaves very distinct markings on the faces of his victims.

"I think forensic psychologists tend to stand out at the bureau," Dr. Lewis explains to Hotch in a sneak peek at the premiere episode. "Other agents like it when I make sure the bad guys they've arrested are actually found competent to stand trial."

3. Kate Callahan's absence

After joining the BAU in "Criminal Minds" Season 10 as agent Kate Callahan, Jennifer Love Hewitt clearly blended in with the rest of the cast. Sadly, fans won't be seeing Hewitt's Kate this fall season after Messer announced that the actress is not returning to the show in Season 11.

In May, Messer already confirmed this news in the wake of Hewitt's character's exit from the BAU because of a second pregnancy, one that was actually happening to the actress in real life, Entertainment Weekly has learned. Hence, Callahan was made to turn in her badge in Season 10. Hopefully, once she gives birth to her new bundle of joy, she'd still consider going back to the series.

"Criminal Minds" Season 11 is airing its premiere episode this Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS. Don't miss the show when it airs. Watch it an hour after its TV airing through this free online stream link here.

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