Oct 01, 2015 07:10 PM EDT

UFO Sightings 2015: Aliens Appear In Brazil & Colorado While Extraterrestrial Appearance Kills 1 In Russia? [VIDEOS]

This week, new UFO sightings have been documented. One was spotted in Colorado and another was seen in Brazil. Meanwhile, in Russia, an appearance of an extraterrestrial entity reportedly caused an accident that killed one man and left another injured.

In Berthoud, Colorado, a UFO sighting was seen in the area, and one eyewitness even managed to film the rare phenomenon. The unidentified flying object was seen as a glowing orb hovering the mountains. UFO Sightings Daily noted that the orb made a bizarre appearance in the sky for a few minutes before jetting off.

In the video that captured the appearance of the alien-like entity, the orb could be seen switching colors before it slowly decreased in size and quickly left the area. The one who filmed the video could also be heard saying that the UFO was traveling like a normal plane. Check out the clip below.

In a similar UFO Sightings Daily report, another believed to be extraterrestrial being was spotted in Curitiba, Brazil. This time, the UFO was moving fast through the sky before it suddenly disappeared, only to reappear and drop to the water of the harbor town.

An eyewitness who filmed the appearance stated, "In Curitiba, it was about 18:00hrs. We were at a barbecue on the terrace of a three-story townhouse, a friend, appears in the video me and my son who held the camera for me to be part of this film."

The UFO sighting in Brazil on Sept 30 was said to be somehow similar to the one that appeared in Colorado on Sept. 28. Check out the clip below.

Meanwhile, in Izhevsk, western Russia on Sept. 18, a UFO sighting turned tragic after it killed one person and injured another.

According to Express, a car cam footage of an accident went viral after the poster claimed that an alien "shot past just moments before the accident" involving three vehicles happened.

In the video, a small unidentified flying object could be seen hovering the road and flying along the trees parallel it.

"The driver was staring at a UFO and crashed into the car in the oncoming lane," the uploader noted on the clip he shared on YouTube.

The uploader even claimed that NASA may be hiding something and he is going to buy a telescope to work on finding out what it really is.

Meanwhile, there are also people claiming that the alleged UFO could just be a bird since it appears to have flapping wings. Check out the video below and see sound off in the comments section what you think of the UFO sighting.

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