Oct 02, 2015 06:09 AM EDT

‘ANTM’ Cycle 22: Bello RETURNING? Yu Tsai Irks Tyra Banks’ Show Fans In New Sneak Peek At Episode 9

After “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 22’s no-show on Wednesday, Tyra Banks’ CW reality modeling series is airing episode 9 this Friday night. And from the looks of the teaser clips released from the upcoming episode, our remaining model hopefuls will get more company halfway through the finale.

After announcing last Sunday that the show is making the big move from The CW's Wednesday night fall TV lineup to the network's Friday schedule, "ANTM" Cycle 22 is finally back on track when it comes to serving show fans an all-new episode. Making Tyra Bank's show this week is the return of the eliminated models. The top seven models — Nyle, Lacey, Mikey, Mame, Hadassah, Justin and Devin — may not be pleased with this twist, but this will put pressure on them to do their best in keeping their slot on the competition. Failure to do so could lead to their elimination and the return of one of the previously eliminated models: Bello, Courtney, Ava, Dustin, Delanie, Stefano or Ashley.

It's going to be a tough episode for all models since all of them plan to win this competition, all but Bello? In a recently released "Catching Up" promotional clip via WWLP featuring the eliminated models, the eliminated seven models dish out on what they've been up to since they left the competition.

However, aside from their answers on the catching up question, the eliminated "ANTM" Cycle 22 models also gave their two cents on what they plan to do to "stay focused" for their possible return. While the other models focused on reestablishing their connection with the remaining model hopefuls and, following what the judges told them, Bello gave an interesting answer when he said, "We all won if we decided that we won. The person who wins is not the one who gets the title, it's what you do with the experience."

Could the blue-eyed androgynous model be the one returning to the competition in tonight's episode? If the released promotional photo of Bello getting makeup on on Facebook is giving us the right signals, then he could be the wildcard model this season.

After getting eliminated from the series alongside Courtney last week, he has given a strong message to many people out there. In his interview with CelebDirtyLaundry, Sanchez gushed about what the message of his journey on "ANTM" is sending to the show's viewers all over the world.

"I hope people take away the fact that no matter what you look like or what your circumstances are, you can accomplish anything. I'm very short for a model, but I take a no excuses mentality when it comes to trying," Bello said.

The "ANTM" model hopeful also singled out how his co-contestant Nyle DiMarco is making a difference by being in the competition. "Look at Nyle. He hasn't let his circumstances stop him. Nothing should hold you back and never let the voice in your head bring you down. I struggled with letting that voice bring me down in the show, but I'm so much more confidant now."

Meanwhile, another "ANTM" Cycle 22 episode 9 teaser clip was released yesterday via Facebook, and though it gives followers of the show an idea on what the challenge for this week is going to be, the promotional material somehow did not sit well with the several fans of the show.

The promo clip shows creative consultant Yu Tsai teasing the models' photoshoot with dogs. He could be seen playing with one dog and toward the ends, he brushes another dog's hair while saying, "You're a good dog. Better than Mikey, I think," as though Mikey is not beside him patting the dog's neck.

Instead of piquing the interest of show fans, the promo may have hit the wrong nerve as fans quickly grabbed the opportunity to slam Yu Tsai.

Roberto Nascimento wrote: "Bring back Nigel, I can't stand Yu Tsai anymore!"

Another Facebook user named MrHarsh Akholic commented: "I can't stand him either. I just want him to go away and bring back Mr Manuel and Nigel."

Andy Jordan took his time in pointing out what he does not like about "ANTM" Cycle 22's creative consultant, writing: "Yu Tsai is unbearable. His voice makes me want to strangle myself. He's mean and bitchy and it feels like you're trying to creat drama through him. I hate it. This show has gone from being about the growth of the competitors to being about hooking up and screaming matches."

Do you agree with the reactions of the fans of the show? Sound off in the comments section below. Also, don't miss Tyra Banks' series when it airs "ANTM" Cycle 22 episode 9 this Friday night. Tune in on The CW at 9 p.m. EDT tonight.

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