Dec 21, 2015 10:00 AM EST

The Pros And Cons Of Having Your Own Business

Most of the people in this world definitely wants to become an entrepreneur. They don't want to work in a company, where they have to spend eight hours a day and bored themselves with the workload that they repeatedly do everyday. These individuals just want to step up, be in charge and mold their own vision of success.

Running a business on your own is surely fulfilling but it is also challenging. To help you understand more what it's like to have a business of your own, here are some of the pros and cons that can help you think whether you're ready or not to engage in business.


Full of excitement. Everyday is a challenge for entrepreneurs. New opportunities and unanticipated problems will eventually arise. But you will encounter these things filled with excitement as your skills and abilities will be challenge.

Flexibility in schedule. This is one of the best part of being an entrepreneur, you can enjoy the privilege of being a boss. You can schedule everything accordingly as well as balance your commitments and family time at the same time.

There is freedom. Being an entrepreneur means you're the captain of your boat. You can decide whenever you want to work or how you want it to be done.

Rational Salary. Your income will be base on the success of your business.


You're alone. If sudden difficult situation will arise, you have no one to discuss with to resolve your dilemma. 

You need to be competitive. You need to innovative to stay on top. Your brand should put your rivals behind you. You should always think of a better idea to improve your brand or services.

Unpredictable work schedule. Even though you can manage your time, being a boss means you need to commit to your business. So, you need to spend more time in this field to closely monitor everything.

Salary is not regular. As said earlier your income is directly related to your success. Thus, if your business is struggling then your profit is at risk but if it's going well then you can enjoy a hefty check as well.  

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