Jan 12, 2016 07:20 PM EST

Apple's Beats Planning on Cord Free Wireless Headphones called "AirPods", No More Tangled Cords and Wire Hassles!

Companies are continuously re-inventing to suit the needs of their market towards convenience, style, design and modernity. And Apple has its fingers on a cord free wireless headphone called AirPods.

Beats Electronics that was recently acquired by Apple is putting the brand to good use. Apple's iPhones requirements, combined with the genius team from Beats, are working on a completely cord free pair of wireless BlueTooth enabled headphones that can be paired with the iPhone 7. 

The product is not available in the market yet and it is still being tested but one can say that this can be a revolutionary new move by Apple towards the need for convenience. Who wants to get tangled with wires and cords when running around? Or even sitting down?

Apple expects it to become a premium accessory. AirPods, which Apple aptly named, hopes to be the perfect cord-free experience for the mobile and smart phone user. The name has also been submitted for patent application. 

Their direct competitor will be Motorola's Moto Hint which also delivers a wireless experience. Moto Hint's internal hardware consists of batteries, sound driver and audio chips in each headphone. Both headphones can work individually without being connected to each other. 

Apple may be going somewhere similar but plans on adding a charging case for the AirPods. Enabling the user at least four hours of listening experience.

Though many are suprised that Apple is making a move on earphones rather than modifying their devices, there is a potential market especially in this generation where users are going for a more care-free customer experience while carrying their home and office with them, on their mobile smart phones.

Rumors are surfacing the internet world that ear pods with a lightning cable may be a dream come true. This new set replaces the standard 3.5mm headphone jack that we are used to, traditionally, reports indicated. 

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