Jan 29, 2016 05:20 PM EST

Use Employer Branding to Attract Highly Qualified Applicants

The key to finding highly qualified job applicants in today's business world is employer branding. Almost all big name companies are utilizing this method. American Express, IBM, Starbucks, Intel and other successful conglomerates are doing it.

Employer branding is related to how you sell your company, and not just your products. But this time you are targeting the best job candidates. It is the most effective way of communicating your company's benefits and perks to potential employees.

You may think this is just right for big and large corporations. But you can also take advantage of this method and reap its benefits.

The job market situation today is such that your company cannot get the best job applicants if you don't practice employer branding. That is how it is important in today's very competitive world.

In today's economy, employee turnover is very high. That means there is really a market for highly qualified employees making it very easy for them to jump from one company to another without hesitation.

In other words, all the expenses you incurred in recruiting, training and mentoring a high level employee will go to naught if he is pirated by or finds another company which offers him better perks and benefits than yours.

With employer branding you are looking at your employee as a customer. In that regard, having an employee engagement will drive away the problem of constant and repeated hiring for the same position.

Firstly, you need to get a grip on what makes your company tick. Your company should endeavor to incorporate in the mind of your workers a belief that your company is not just in it for the money. That means you need to be focused on your company's social sustainability, and support of volunteer efforts.

In this respect, you should have a complete grasp of the skills, traits and behavior that is required for employees to be happy and successful in your company. Additionally, the importance of the relation between employment brand and your product should be emphasized.

There are other steps in employee branding but these steps will start you on the road to finding and retaining the best employees.

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