Feb 11, 2016 09:10 PM EST

Confused About Your Career Path? Here Are Steps To Find The Right Career For You

If there's anything a lot more normal than peanut butter and jelly, it would be getting confused on what career path to take. Choosing one is hard, especially if you're young and have not yet figured out what to do. There is a thick line between pursuing what you love between doing what you think you have to do. It is generally confusing. To help you with that problem, here are 5 of simple ways that might help you in choosing your career:

1.       Never hesitate to visit a career resource center or speak to a career counselor. After all, that's what they're there for and it's their job. Don't be shy to approach those that can help you and open up to them about your doubts and fears when it comes to finally deciding for your future.

2.       Get yourself an internship. You are never too young for new challenges, nor too old to explore. There are a lot of things to do in this world, and start engaging yourself into activities that will open your eyes for more options that you can consider in this big decision making event in your life.

3.       Take a class, and if you can, take different classes. Most of the time, even us don't know our other capabilities. And not all skills just get discovered, they can also be cultivated. Take some classes and broaden your options.

4.       Never forget to have the right mindset. Don't be scared. Instead, be more open. If you are given an option that you never really liked, don't shut it down completely. There is no harm in trying. Who knows what suits you unless you try it out?

5.       Don't just settle for something dissatisfying. Yes, it is alright to push through a job you don't really like, but if the toxicity has already spread out, remember your values and don't hesitate to care for yourself and leave. It's nice to have a few different careers in your lifetime. Grow with experiences. Just like how that song goes; "Why would you settle for less when the world gives you more?"

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