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Making Employees More Productive - 2016 Top Trends In Employee Training

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There are so many things that are in flux nowadays especially in the business world. Employers who tend to be petrified by the changes going on in the workplace will someday find themselves set in stone just like the dinosaurs of old.

You need to keep abreast of the latest trends that will help your business compete head to head with other companies in your market niche. In order to do that, you will need the help of your employees.

And if you will get effective help from your staff, you need to train each one of them using modern employee training trends that are getting in vogue today. What are the top 2016 trends in employee training that you need to consider?

1. Mobile training

Mobility is now the name of the game. The world is now getting used to employees doing their work outside their offices, using their own devices. You should also adapt mobility to your employee training. There are many advantages in applying mobile training such as time flexibility. You can also take advantage of travel time which otherwise will only go to waste.

2. Video training on the go

There are some companies like Oracle who have designed cloud platforms that will provide employee training where they are. Training materials are taken from popular sources such as You Tube, Massive Open Online Courses, and many more.

This type of training offers contextual and social learning functions. It educates employees in real-time, just like in a seminar room. Instructions are based on job types and skills.

3. Gamification

This is a new term that really means giving teaching and instructions through the medium of enjoyable video games. Just like in the video arcade, your employees get rewards and points when they achieve the goal of a particular mode of training. This is also effective in motivating your employees since it provides them a visual recognition of their achievements in real time.

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