Mar 12, 2016 07:31 AM EST

Apple Wants To Stop Warrant In iPhone Case By Raising Technological Barriers Says U.S Government

On Thursday, the U.S Justice Department declared Apple a falsely rhetoric over the fight of the government's request to infiltrate the unlocked iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters of San Bernardino.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation secured a court order last month on the demands to Apple's measurement to create a software in order to deactivate a protected passcode and gain access to one shooter's iPhone of Rizwan Farook.

Apple respectfully refused to comply stating that the government's request to build a backdoor to iPhones would consequently allow criminals and governments to abuse of unlocking encrypted phones, adding that the Congress does not carry the authority of the Justice Department in making such demand.

The Justice Department's filing was the last lead to reach its case hearing in a federal court in Riverside California set on March 22. The fight increased intensely in the debate to the amount of law enforcement and intelligence official's presence to surveillance cyber communication.

Prosecutors briefly noted that Apple declared the Justice Department's filing in iPhone case a cheap shot, and portraying themselves as "the primary guardian of Americans' privacy."

Prosecutors also added, "Apple's rhetoric is not only false, but also corrosive of the very institutions that are best able to safeguard our liberty and our rights, the courts, the Fourth Amendment, longstanding precedent and venerable laws, and the democratically elected branches of government,"

Apple made deliberate attempts to raise technological barriers to not allow the warrant to be executed says the government.

Apple pointed out that the request of the government would allow the company to become an open pressure point for other repressive regimes to come in and demand similar assistance. Although on Thursday, the Justice Department showed doubt to Apple's resistance to such request.

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