Mar 16, 2016 11:29 AM EDT

Apple Introduces Apple News Format For All Publishers

Apple is showing serious effort in the publishing business, where on Tuesday the company introduced Apple News Format for all publishers which will attract writers and editors alike to the service, and allow advertisers to input their own articles to appear for people to open up and find.

The company already has a partnership with more than 100 publishing groups such as The Washington Post and more, that offers articles and stories straight to a user's iPhone by means of the News app.

The company will introduce the format starting this week, to small or big publishers that wants to create rich multimedia stories within Apple News, and allowing it to reach audience to sign up with the service, whether it be any individual with a blog to a local newspaper or magazine. The platform opens up to publishers of all sorts, giving Apple an advantage to offer a variety of stories and articles to its readers, whom they want to use the app to stay updated with the news.

Apple mentioned that it will offer to all publishers a simpler way to know how articles are being performed on the service using a statistic dashboard. The tool offers basic information to recognize the number of people that are reading, and duration along with how certain pieces are being shared.

In addition on the effort of Apple's publishing, when six month ago the company first announced that it would be competing with Facebook and Flipboard, suggesting an interest to offer people a streamline of clustered articles from various sites.

The company estimates around 40 million customers have used Apple News on a regular since its launch six month ago showing a quick yet fair pace comparing to Flipboard, where it has 80 million active users monthly.

According to Reuters stating, that publishers in July may soon be permitted to post articles on a paywall, where readers are required to make a subscription to read a content, allowing publishers to make money and at the same time for Apple to earn from it too.

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