Mar 19, 2016 10:15 AM EDT

Sony Reports On Making A PlayStation 4.5 For 4k Gaming

Sony may soon be introducing a stronger version of the PlayStation 4 that will able to output 4k graphic gaming.

According to a report from Kotaku, the unofficial PlayStation 4.5 project which caught attention to several developer sources, seemingly to load extra graphical firepower that will provide output games in 4k, and will also certainly come in handy for PlayStation VR.

Though Sony's plans isn't entirely sure to whether it would be an add-on device for existing PlayStation 4, or a completely new console to replace the PS4. Looking at the number of consideration that gamers had given to Sony's manufacturing of the console, it could be considered a type of upgrade path for easy transition.

According to a report from Digital Trends, Phil Spencer chief of Xbox believed the future would hold a console gaming that involves upgradable hardware and an iterative release cycle resembling the smartphone market.

Spencer said, "We can effectively feel a little bit more like we see on PC, where I can still go back and run my old Doom and Quake games that I used to play years ago, but I can still see the best 4K games come out and my library is always with me,"

In today's PC gaming, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are easily outmatched. While Valve's push is coming through, it would be even easier for gamers to play PC games where they can end up playing PC version of big budget games.

The move towards 4k sets had been always under the radar, despite the fact that upgrading a console in mid-cycle breaks tradition, in this case it would make sense, where more affordable 4k sets are beginning to flood the market. In addition it wouldn't be a surprise for all console manufacturers having a new hardware in active development, where even Sony could take the same move.

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