Mar 23, 2016 12:42 PM EDT

'Fallout 4' 'Automatron' DLC Is Having Trouble On PS4's Playstation Store, Error Message: This Content Cannot Be Selected At This Time

Chatter all over Twitter and the game world indicates that "Fallout 4" fans are left irritated with the latest "Automatron DLC" when they found an error message when trying to purchase the DLC at the store. The message reads: "This Content Cannot Be Selected At This Time."

It is unknown what caused the error to pop up in the first place but that little error message has caused a wave of disappointment. According to Forbes, Bethesda says they are working on the fix right now. The company released a statement saying, "Sony is working to prop Automatron for the North American PlayStation Store. Will update as soon as we hear new information."

Now, "Fallout 4" followers are pained to wait for the latest update because Bethesda promised an ambitious Automatron with an airtight DLC schedule release that features new environments and missions. Plus, new features and sandbox changes that will permeate the rest of the game. Which basically means more new stuff that will get players to go back to the game.

Avid follower and game writer David Thier mentioned that there are easter eggs abound in the new "Automatron" DLC. You can check the Youtube video from Fluffy Ninja Llama for some Silver Shroud easter eggs. Thier writes that the DLC revolves around robots which will give the player the ability to mod and collect mechanical bots that will follow the player's tail. The plot revolves around a new villain called "The Mechanist."

Thier has been sharing his initial thoughts of the game starting with the "Fallout 4" add-ons, and has been psyched about the "Automatron" DLC. Until he received the error message, too. Thier has personally reached out to Sony but has not received any reply as of yet.

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