Mar 26, 2016 05:19 AM EDT

3 Valuable Career Skills That Make You Invaluable To Your Company And Employer

Gone are the days that employers hire a person based on their degree alone. Employers and recruiters have now unleashed an extensive profile and expectations for American employees, according to USNews. Employers are eager to find candidates with a mix of skills, or hybrid skills. These hybrid skills are diverse but essential. Analysts at Bentley University and labor market analytics from Burning Glass has identified skills that are the highest in demand. These hybrid skills are found across more than two job categories which is why Susan Brennan, Career Services AVP from Bentley says "Employees must demonstrate deeper and broader competencies to be marketable." These hybrid skills, taken from Hannah Morgan, from Career Sherpa will make you an in-demand employee. Check them out below:

1. Business development skills - Business skills are not just associated with sales jobs. Business development skills applies to all employees because companies have internal customers. If you can learn how to work together, solve problems, collaborate, "sell" ideas and communicate effectively then this skill can benefit you and your career.

2. Data, data, data - Compiling, analyzing and applying pieces of data into an understandable, meaningful result gives you the competitive edge. Not everybody can read the numbers and translate it into an understandable definition or result. Data analytics has become a sect of its own and this is a responsibility now found in all departments. It doesn't matter where you are in the business. Learning how to extract data, analyze data, communicate the findings in connection to the business goals have now become requirements.

3. Not-so-soft skills - Many companies are looking for people who can demonstrate quick collaborating, mentoring and decision-making skills. You should also start early like in internships and entry-level positions. Look for opportunities to practice and develop these skills. Collaborating skills means your teammates think of you as a contributor. Weed out those overly dominant and absent contributor negatives and improve on getting along with people successfully. Decision making skills doesn't only mean you are able to arrive to an answer. It should also mean you know how you evaluate choices. Focus on making a system or methodology to walk through complex problems. Mentoring is also a valuable skill. You may be thinking that you're too young in the role to mentor but anyone can mentor. You can help others learn new things. People perceive as someone who mentors as a natural leader.

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