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Why You Need To Be Tolerant When Your Boss Is Difficult

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You need to be tolerant of your boss for the simple reason that he is your superior. You can't help it if he's difficult since he is the only person who can change himself. At the end of this article, you will find a tip on how not to be under such kind of boss.

But for now, let's discuss your difficult boss and why you need to be tolerant of him.

There are five kinds of difficult bosses. Look at the examples below and see in which category your boss falls into.

1.       Dictator - one who wants all his words obeyed no matter what

2.       Micromanager - one who likes to put his fingers on everything you do

3.       Abuser - one who makes you work until you drop

4.       Procrastinator - one who scuttles your tasks or projects because of his indecisiveness

5.       Idiot - one who's just been handed down a business without really knowing what to do with it.

It's important to categorize your boss as to which type of the above characteristics he manifest, because there are different approaches and reactions that you must take for each type.

For now, you must realize that no matter what type of toxic traits your boss has, there is a general approach and reaction that you must take. On a reasonable level, you must be patient and tolerant. You need to be for the following reasons:

1.       Your job is at stake and he is the one that signs your paycheck.

2.       You need him as a reference in your resume, therefore you must not ruffle his feathers or he will soil your reputation.

3.       People change just as long as they are willing to. With his interactions with you and your workmates, you can tell if he's someone who's willing to change or not.

Now, it is time for you to examine yourself. What in the world happened that you found yourself under a difficult boss? It is very likely that during the job interview, you weren't so keen in observing the outward mannerisms of your boss. A person with difficult characteristics will reveal himself in uncanny ways if you are aware of the red flags.

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