Mar 30, 2016 10:57 AM EDT

Girl Power: Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, Jessica Alba and Celine Dion Dominates the Business World

When it comes to girl power, celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, and Celine Dion have seen what it means to join the ranks of being in business industry. With that in mind, these celebrities have shown their remarkable resilience to the challenges of the trading world.

According to a recent post from US Magazine, Celine Dion used her fame as a singer to market her own fragrances, which became popular all across the world and in turn, empowered her business empire.

The same report added on to note that even Tyra Banks has transformed her life from being a supermodel into one of the best and most successful entrepreneur in the modeling world.

Not only Tyra but also even Jessica Alba has endeavored into establishing her own business empire as well. It has been affirmed that the "Sin City" star co-established the Honest Company, a eco-friendly company that promotes baby product brand that use natural materials. For her, life has brought her much learning. She said, "After I turned 30, I felt like I had turned a corner. I definitely started to feel more connected to myself."

It stands out that it is not just Tyra, nor Jessica and Celine Dion that have noticed the triumph of establishing their resources outside their own comfort. Even Oprah and Tyra's co-model Gisele are into business as well, according to a former post from Jobs & Hire.

As Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, and Celine Dion depicted girl power, they were able to muster the art of business and enjoying the profits that comes after it.

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