Mar 30, 2016 09:14 AM EDT

Why Does My Employer Treat Me Like Dirt: Every Job Seeker’s Question, Answered

Sadly, job seekers' nightmares are real. It can be quite daunting, tiresome and nasty from the moment you get interviewed to the moment you get hired. Which is why Liz Ryan, the CEO and founder of Human Workplace, explains why job seekers are being treated like dirt.

The bigger an organization is, the more their decision-makers and the people responsible for their recruiting process tend to believe that the organization's name should speak for itself, Forbes reports. That means these companies think that the whole world is hungry to work for them because they are a well-known company - which is a false assumption, according to Liz Ryan.

When it comes to recruiting, large companies choose to go through a slow process that is based on a keyword searching algorithm that invites job-seekers to apply - and they do.

While the rest of the applicants are rejected, only a few will get hired but Ryan goes on to say that they're mostly subjected to tests, assignments and tasks that makes them feel invaded and tired. "That's why recruiting processes in most organizations are abysmal," says Liz. Human Resources may hate their employers' recruiting process but their employer is not doing anything about it at all. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to give feedback - which tends to get lost in the ether especially with a huge company.

"You can't solve any problem until you recognize it as a problem. More and more CEOs and HR VPs are waking up to the fact that job-seekers have choices, and they get to decide where to apply for work. The more unfriendly an organization's recruiting process is, the more the word will travel. The most talented and marketable job-seekers will steer clear of that organization," explains Liz.

Don't despair, you're not alone. Maybe instead of hating that web portal, why not write a Pain Letter instead to fix that problem.

Want to know how to write a Pain Letter? Check out this JobsNhire article.

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