Mar 31, 2016 11:36 AM EDT

Apple Has A New Dilemma: How Did FBI Hack The iPhone?

Apple is now facing another challenge as the U.S. government was able to crack open its vaunted iPhone encryption code recently. The tech giant is feeling the pressure on how to repair the breach.

If the FBI was able to access the contents of the iPhone, then there must be a flaw in the smartphone's encryption code. Therefore, for the company's sake, the tech giant must examine and repair the problem as soon as possible or all iPhone users all over the world are at risk.

The challenges begin with the scant information on how the government aided by a third party was able to hack the concerned iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter.

The FBI has refused to reveal the identity of the person or the group who successfully hacked the device. It is impossible for Apple to obtain the particular device so that it can reverse-engineer the problem the way it would in similar hacking conditions.

The tech giant, through its CEO Tim Cook has warned that software that would unlock the iPhone's encryption code "would unlock any iPhone in someone's physical possession."

Now that the FBI has successfully hacked the device without Apple's help, it shows that there is another concern that the tech giant should be worried about. This situation has proven that indeed, a back door exists in the Apple iPhone.

Observers are now wondering: Are iPhones secure?

"No security is 100 percent," said David Blumberg, an investor in security start-ups and a managing partner of venture firm Blumberg Capital in San Francisco.

"It's a degree of difficulty, time and expense. This shows if Apple won't crack it, somebody else will," he added.

Being sure that they already have a solution to their problem, the Justice Department on Monday asked the judge to drop the case. Meanwhile, Apple must crank the head of all its geniuses to repair the breach that the FBI has caused.

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