Apr 01, 2016 11:06 PM EDT

Apple iPhone SE Release Date News: Device Brings In New iOS Users; 5.8” Phone Coming In 2017?

The Apple iPhone SE release date has reportedly brought new users for the iOS. Most of the converts used to have Android devices.

Research firm Slice Intelligence has revealed Apple's iPhone SE first online sales figures from its release date. The study confirmed that fewer people did buy the phone but, interestingly, most of them were "new to the iPhone."

During the first weekend of the Apple iPhone SE release date, the number of units bought was 94 percent smaller than the iPhone 6S release. This was 46 percent of the number of iPhone 6 devices sold when it was launched.

The publication noted that the Apple iPhone SE release date could help build its maturing iPhone consumer base. Apparently, only 35 percent of those who purchased the SE bought an iPhone online in the past two years. 16 percent of this number used to be Android users.

"By comparison, 49 percent of iPhone 6S buyers upgraded from a previous iPhone, and 10 percent replaced an Android device they bought online within the past two years," the website wrote. "Data on SE owners' education offers a further indication that the SE is bringing a new audience to iPhone."

The company's data was gathered from a panel of more than 4 million shoppers. They measure digital commerce straight from the consumer, regardless of retailer.

Meanwhile, the next iPhone may have already been leaked. Apple Insider reported that Apple may have plans to introduce a new high-end model next year.

Apparently, the new iPhone's design could be the same as that of the iPhone 4/4S "glass sandwich." However, Apple will use curved panels for the front and back of the device.

The upcoming model is believed to have wireless charging and new biometric recognition technology such as face and iris scanning. Apple already has ownership of a number of patents for secure facial recognition technology.

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