Apr 03, 2016 10:50 PM EDT

Nintendo NX Specs Rumors: Console Much Better Than PS4? ‘Pokémon GO!’ To Be Released For Device?

Nintendo NX specs rumors claimed that the highly-anticipated console could be more powerful than the PS4. Will "Pokémon GO!" be its main series "Pokémon" game?

Extreme Tech reported that another leak revealed that the Nintendo NX specs could be "slightly above the power of the PS4." Discrepancies in the supposed hardware specs have been pointed out in the subreddit by other users, though.

Moreover, there are speculations that Nintendo has cut their Wii U production after sales in Japan become lower and lower this year. The publication noted that the company will more likely focus their energies on firepower for their upcoming console.

Apparently, Wii U's lack of success was deemed as a sign that the company has become lax. This is believed to have led Nintendo's competitors to overtake their sales.

Nintendo NX specs should be able to target the PS4 as part of its third-party game development. The company will need to create higher resolution targets and detail levels from console hardware.

According to Game Rant, the Nintendo NX will need a main "Pokémon" game. For years, the company has not been able to recreate the experience on home consoles.

The Inquisitr noted that Nintendo has been having a difficult time keeping up with its rivals Sony and Microsoft. "Pokémon GO!," along with the Nintendo NX, could help boost the company's sales for this year.

In a report by YHM, it was revealed that the "Pokémon GO!" release date has been confirmed for 2016. It is being developed by The Pokémon Company as well as Niantic Labs, who worked on location-based social game "Ingress." The game will use actual map data and is designed to get players out in the real world.

A trailer for the game has been released as well. It featured players finding and catching Pokémon in real life locations. Based on the footage, it seems like the game aims to be a family affair.

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