Apr 08, 2016 08:59 AM EDT

Job After Graduation: Career Coaching For The Playdate Generation

By Jane Reed

Students are now confused about what they're supposed to do next. This is exactly what Nicole Oringer said. She is the co-owner of Ivy Educational Services, a New Jersey company that began career coaching four years ago. They help students with their college applications. Why do these students opt for professional experts help? Oringer says, "This is a generation of students that has been given a lot of resources and advice."

Career guidance is essential to today's upcoming group of graduates. NYTimes has it that students and families are willing to spend a few hundred dollars for an hour of consultation that will enable them to figure out what their strengths are, work on their CVs and coordinate interview and job-searching techniques.

All in all, this career coaching session can total up t $5,000. Maura Koutoujian of Jody Michael Associates, is just one of the people engaged in this kind of business. For a $4,995 package, Koutoujian offers his services including a proprietary "career discovery process."

The cost is high yet parents are happy to spend the amount as long as it launches their child into adulthood. "We want it to be a deliberate step, not something that happens," says Koutoujian. He uses strategies and tests like the Highlands Ability Battery assessment, in order to uncover the interests that might lead to a career.

Being out front with the perfect career move has suddenly become a social necessity. Career coaching is important. If you cannot afford the cost of a professional help, your school's guidance councelor may just be able to help you.

This is the cost of parenting and education today in order to lead to a successful career path for the next generation. To further understand what your child is going through, and before assuming he's a typical millenial, find out if your child is a Straggler, a Wanderer or a Sprinter.

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