Apr 14, 2016 10:32 AM EDT

Google Calendar Helps Jobseekers Manage Time and Achieve Goals?

Google aims on improving its tools and resources to help not just the career goers but even the jobseekers as well. With the new and improved Google Calendar, the road has just gotten better, however notions of the platform being able to assist jobseekers to manage their time and achiever their goals escalates.

A former report from Tech Crunch indicated, "Google Calendar has launched a feature called Goals that uses machine learning to help in figuring time and goals, and the feature is now available for Calendar's Android and iOS apps."

Also, the platform Goals offers different categories to click on to ensure that time and management of things are fully checked and adhered. Also, clicking into a category that allows the Calendar automatically find open slots, and fill them in with the varying goals wherein Google Calendar would send reminders when the time is near.

It goes without saying that the platform Goals offers a lot of resources that all workers and jobseekers can utilize to manage work and play. Google Calendar turns 10 this year and is marking its anniversary by adding new features like a to-do tracker called Reminders that will help it compete against other time-management apps, as noted by the same post.

Moreover, in a world that shouts for competence, jobseekers are always integrating new innovations and methods to also help them attain the pedestal. Not only the workers or employees but also even companies and organizations are doing it as well. To prove the latter, a former report from Jobs & Hire revealed that even Microsoft launches new innovations to help the workforce in balancing work and leisure.

As Google Calendar renders forth new innovations, it is just a matter of time before jobseekers utilizes the app's full potential and use the tool as means to achieve success and stability.

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