Apr 14, 2016 10:34 AM EDT

Google Voice Access Offers Ease For Workers, Can It Help Jobseekers Too?

Google is on the verge of implementing new discoveries and upgrades. The new and updated Google Voice is forecast to offer ease for workers as well as help jobseekers too.

According to a report from CNET, "Google Voice Access, currently in beta status, allows user to navigate into the screen, jump to other screens and open apps through your voice, as well as utter specific commands, such as Open Chrome or Go home."

Voice Access also places numbers next to icons and other objects on a screen that the user can state the number associated with an item and then use it. It stands to reason that the upgrade is useful in many ways. It can help save time and initiate multi-tasking features as well.

Voice Access is a part of Google's effort to make its phones more accessible to people with disabilities that prevent them from using their hands or seeing the screen clearly, as noted by the same post.

Google and its updated features of Google Voice Access is aiming for more flexibility and time. Even a former report from Jobs & Hire revealed various updates that Google has implemented to its other products such as the Android software.

To prove the latter, it appears that Google is committed to ensuring new upgrades and innovations to promote security and stability for its users and consumers.  With time being short and workers are balancing work and other mandates, the new and updated Google Voice Access is a proven tool that can help lessen workload and prevent stress at work for both the workers and the jobseekers.

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