Apr 15, 2016 01:45 AM EDT

iPhone 7 Rumors: Is Apple Getting Rid of the Headphone Jack?

Apple's iPhone 7 is getting more attention as more rumors and leaked information are starting to surface online. This particular line of smartphones is said to be released by September 2016. One of the latest rumors based on leaked information is about the removal of the headphone jack.

The leaked information is said to 'confirm' the rumors that iPhone 7 will no longer have a headphone jack. While such information is questionable, it can be noted that Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara already has mentioned that there is a great possibility of it happening.

Forbes also reported that the space where the headphone jack used to be "would be replaced with dual stereo speakers."

The possibility of the removal of the headphone jacks was first theorized in June 2014 by Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly after Apple's acquisition of Beats.  

Then it was also reported by 9to5Mac that "Apple plans to remove the 3.5mm headphone port from the upcoming iPhone 7, helping to achieve a 'more than 1mm' reduction in thickness compared to the iPhone 6S."

Furthermore, with the removal of the headphone jacks, the possibility of another rumor becomes greater. It has been expected that iPhone 7 Apple will be about as thin as the iPod Touch. Meaning to say, it would be a millimetre thinner than the iPhone 6S. 

On the other hand, users of this line of smartphones will be able to listen to music and make calls either through the Lightning port or the Bluetooth. There is a possibility that a wired headphone will be connected through the Lightning port or a wireless headphone can be used through Bluetooth.

It should also be noted that both of these are possibilities especially because Apple has recently acquired a patent for a "Detachable wireless listening device." Such patent emphasizes the use of headphones that are able to accept audio signals either through a cord or through Bluetooth.

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