Apr 15, 2016 03:30 AM EDT

Personal Shoppers And Farmers Market Create Jobs From Smart Apps

By Jane Reed

Previously, JobsNHire reported that the food system in the United States is a wide one and the American supermarket platform is its vast and main source.

Supermarkets holds farmed produce, processed food and multiple amounts of meat and dairy. However, reports have it that the supermarket is slowly being killed off by smart apps like Instacart (an elite personal shopping service that caters to consumers' grocery needs by going straight to the source)because according to Wired, it's a terrible way to get food.

The article goes on to say that it's a terrible way to get food because it requires a maximum amount of energy with a high cost involved from losses. In 2014, it was reported that 43 billion pounds of food sold through point of sales from mass production didn't make it to consumer's homes or tables because of mold, climate changes in the area and other shrinkage factors.

This kind of energy and system is flawed because it encourages mass production and returns food losses that translates to cost. This means that the supermarket industry needs to evolve and reinvent themselves. Apps like Farmigo is making its rounds in every mobile device. A smart-phone savvy consumer can get connected with the source directly. In this case, farm-fresh produce, meat, dairy and other pantry or snack items.

Farmigo created a community of local producers that concentrates on locality and sustainability. It minimizes potential food loss and spoilage from knowing how much to produce, for shoppers to order just what they want, and for food to get from one to the other faster and with fewer stops in between.

The jobs involved in this community range from warehouse employees, contracted drivers, pick-up hub organizers and of course, farmers. While Instacart's personal shoppers delivers straight to the consumers, Farmigo delivers to pick-up points in places like New Jersey and Tacoma, Washington. Farmigo has created its own market and mini job-circle.

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