Apr 18, 2016 11:31 AM EDT

Teenage Devin Washington Bagged The Job At Popeye's by After Stopping a Robbery

Goodness prevailed for teenage Devin Washington after he participated in one of the most crucial point in his life, and even got rewarded for it. It stands out that Devin Washington was offered a Job at Popeye's after stopping a robbery that occurred during his interview.

A former post from CNN further elaborated, "Devin Washington was applying for a job at a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and nailed the interview when he helped stop a robbery in New Orleans this weekend."

The incident began when Washington, 18 years of age at the store during the Saturday office hours and when the suspect came in, he asked the cashier for change for a dollar and when the drawer was open, he reached over and grabbed some cash, according to the store Manager Danyanna Metoyer as she relayed the events that took place.

When the suspect got the cash and tried to run escape the vicinity, Metoyer struggled by clinging on the suspect, and was assisted by Washington. "The interviewee took him off of me and held him with another employee until the police showed up. I was like, this can't be real. It was the first time I had ever seen this," Metoyer added. In a video released on Facebook, it mentioned how Washington placed the culprit in an arm lock position and waited for the police to take over.

Meanwhile, the brave action that teenage Devin Washington has done has gained much popularity and recognition especially for the Metoyer and for Popeye.

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