Apr 21, 2016 05:36 AM EDT

Land Your Dream Job With These Expert Advices

By Jane Reed

As a kid, you may have already been thinking what you wanted to be when you grow up. You may have wanted to be a dragon-slayer, an astronaut, a doctor or a world famous chef. For some, their dream jobs have changed while other's haven't.

But what does it take to land that dream job? According to Business News, it's a challenge that shouldn't stop you from getting it. The stress of job hunting may be pulling you down but if you follow these expert advices, you might be able to take on that dream job and jump-start your career trajectory to success.

Here's how to land the perfect job for you, according to business owners and career experts:

1. Know exactly what you want: Kimberly Ramsawak, founder of Tourism Exposed, explains that you should - "Get extremely specific about what you're looking for. Instead of taking personality tests that provide broad [or] general career advice, get really specific about the type of career niche and respective job function and job title you want within a particular industry." Remember that hiring managers that are related to your dream job won't just hire someone who will take on anything. Be qualified for the job by being specific about what you want.

2. Reach out to companies directly: Derek Szeo, CEO of Wirkn, says you should - "Forget job postings. Find a fast-growing company whose mission you believe in. Reach out directly, and tell them how you can help." Some companies might not know they need you until you tell them.

3. Do your research - Research the company, interviewers and the job. "Really understand what this role is, what the company fit is and what the company niche is. Be able to showcase this research in the interview through strategic questions and specific details in the dialogue. It's the job of the candidate to fully understand the position, and then be able to explain why they are the right person for the job," Nadine Varca points out (founder of CompleteCandidate).

4. Rethink your skill set: Position yourself to prospective employers by using skills from your current field that may be useful in your new one. "Don't forget to think about softer skills, like leadership, communication and teamwork," tips Sam McIntire, Deskbright founder.

5. Use social media: You are your own personal brand and it's a powerful in landing your dream job. "With social media and building your personal brand online, you can show instead of tell," tips Lauren Friedman, head of social business enablement in Adobe.

6. Buld your network: "Once you find something you are enthusiastic about, don't run to the want ads. Start talking to people in that world. This is easier now than ever because of the abundance of virtual communities. Getting near the people who love, and are enthusiastic about, the same things as you is the doorway to accessing opportunities and supporters who've been where you are - on the outside wanting to get in - and who know about the inside opportunities," says career coach Courtney Kirschbaum, from Original Experience.

7. Show how passionate you are: Sarah Connors, staffing manager at WinterWyman Contract Staffing, says that you should tell the hiring manager that this is your dream job. She goes on to say that "If you act like this is just an interview or role like any other, the recruiter won't know how strongly you feel about the opportunity."

8. Send a very thoughtful follow-up: - Sending a "thank you email" is good practice but a well thought out email addressing the topics that were talked about during the interview is even better. "If you send a follow-up showing you spent the time to learn and improve, it would go a long way in landing the job," explains Josh Rubin, owner, Creative California.

9. Create the job yourself - Sometimes, you have to create your dream job. Take on passion projects at your current place of employment; find ways to learn new skills to incorporate into your work. Shine wherever you can, and people will take notice. " advices Michele Mavi, director of internal recruiting and content development, Atrium Staffing.

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