Apr 26, 2016 06:38 AM EDT

Working At SpaceX Gets Employee Reviews, Negative And Positive, From Glassdoor

By Jane Reed

While many young students, undergraduates and post-graduates would love to intern for a company like SpaceX, JobsNHire previously reported that getting yourself in the program is hard work. But what is it like in the inside?

If you're thinking about working inside SpaceX, have you imagined what the work environment is like? How the workers treat each other? What their managers are like? Glassdoor lists the many ways that former and current employees describe the company.

1. A former Engineer who used to work at Space Exploration Technologies full-time. He described his work environment as fast paced and exciting. For him, the downside was the relatively low salary. He also confessed that training, career growth and development in the company is non-existent and that there are office politics involved when it comes to promotions which was why he walked away.

2. A current Principal Engineer has been working with SpaceX for less than a year. Being new to the company, he loved working for SpaceX that has built its name on 30 years of industry experience. He found the energy at SpaceX familiar, the enthusiasm refreshing but confessed that projects were delayed because some positions have not been filled yet. "Hiring every position as a rock star is great provided there are enough rock stars available," he explained.

3. A former Intern at SpaceX noted that he learned a lot about aerospace industry but noted that the normal work hours tend to go over 60 hours.

4. One current employee, a Build Reliability Manager, said that his work-life balance was always a challenge for him but the culture of accountability is there. His suggestion to the management is to capitalize on employee talents and make SpaceX a fun place to work in.

5. A couple of employees noted that there is no 401K Matching, no pension plan and the stock options are not enough to retire.

These are just some of the reviews the company has and Glassdoor has made these open to the public as well as for SpaceX's viewing.

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