Apr 26, 2016 09:03 AM EDT

Be Baffled By Bill Gates, Steve Jobs And Andy Grove Powerful Career Lessons In Life

Be baffled by the career lessons drawn from the innovative minds known in history. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Andy Grove have all lived successful lives but they were not born successful, the passion and dedication to their job led to achieve success in life.

A former post from the Economic Times unveiled, "At first glance it might be hard to find too many similarities between Bill Gates, Andy Grove and Steve Jobs apart from the fact that the companies they founded changed the very nature of their respective industries."

For Grove, he took some big, unconventional steps at Intel, and the principal move that led to the being the main firm behind the 386 microprocessor. No one in the semi-conductor industry had done this before and Intel was at a little over a billion dollars when it made this multi-billion dollar bet and even when it came to branding, most of the board thought Grove was crazy, according to the same post.

As for Bill Gates, he knew what he want and his passion made him one of the biggest men on earth by empowring Microsoft to reach new heights.  Even Steve Jobs legacy endured even today. Despite the fact that Steve got a pink slip from the very same company he co-founded, he returned to Apple and spearheaded the change that Apple is now famed for, reports Jobs & Hire.

These great giants have baffled the world with their dedication, their commitment and their desire to persevere despite the tantamounting challenges that impeded their path. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Andy Grove have all showcase the essence of being passionate about their careers and for those that wants to climb up the ladder of corporate success, following their work canons is never a bad thing to begin with.

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