May 12, 2016 09:37 AM EDT

Trump And Sanders Success Fueled By Disaffection, Not Ideology

A recent report claimed that if Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders succeed in getting their party's nomination as presidential candidates, it would not be due to their ideologies, but more on disaffection.

Many of the poorer Americans and less-educated folks are feeling they are being left behind in the advancing 21st century. They have seen their wages frozen, their chances of improving their status in life disappear, and their life expectancies get shorter and shorter.

Trump and Sanders have been promising American voters that they will put a halt to these issues. That is why they are leading their rivals, Cruz and Clinton respectively.

Bernie Sanders on April 10 beat Hillary Clinton and enjoyed a landslide victory in West Virginia. This significant win came right after a 5-point victory in Indiana last week.

Michael Smerconish, the radio and TV host said the "Democratic super-delegates might have to rethink" their support of Hillary Clinton given how significantly better Sanders fares in a head-to-head battle with Donald Trump.

After Clinton's loss in Indiana, John King told CNN viewers that "if Sanders were to win nine out of ten of the remaining contests, there's no doubt that some of the super-delegates would panic."

"There's no doubt some of them would switch to Sanders. What he has to do is win the bulk of the remaining contests. Would that send jitters, if not panic, through the Democratic Party? Yes. Yes it would," King added.

Sanders carried each county in the Mountaineer State, which by every means of measurements were being left behind. Meanwhile Trump, now regarded as the presumptive Republican nominee has already won 77 percent of the vote in the uncontested GOP primary.

If Hillary Clinton wants to gain ascendancy to the Democratic throne, she needs to address the issue of disaffection which is propelling her two rivals, Sanders and Trump.

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