May 14, 2016 05:16 AM EDT

4 People That Everyone Needs In Their Professional Network

Networking is tricky business. It's difficult to determine whether a contact will add more value to your professional network or will just be another passive connection.

Huffington Post noted that those who want to succeed in their careers need to embrace networking. Tap on to the power of actively growing your network.

Don't just give away your business cards. Instead, build your evolving network by going deeper in your relationships with people.

According to Motto, intentional networking will definitely help boost your career. It also benefits the people you're connecting with.

"The most empowered and rewarding career is an intentional one," Millennial career coach Ashley Stahl said. "Your network is your career potential in so many ways, and it's crucial to be intentional in its creation."

"Networking with a purpose not only helps you feel more organized and focused, it also helps the people you are networking with," career expert and personal branding strategist Hannah Morgan added. "They know why you are reaching out and how they can help you."

Stahl and Morgan shared four types of people that everyone needs in their professional network. Apparently, these individuals may help you with your career goals.

First, connect with someone who knows everything about everyone. Take the time to build the relationship and make sure that the person is aware and understands your goals.

Second, find a mentor. These leaders offer both emotional and information-based support. Their role is mainly to guide you in your career.

Another type of person in your professional network should be your sponsor. They are different from mentors because they are usually the top management in your workplace or industry. These people are the ones who can help you move up the corporate ladder.

Lastly, search for your sounding board. Now that you have found people who you can listen to, this person listens to you as you methodically and logically think through the problems that you are encountering at work.

Find someone who actually cares about you and your goals - not just those who agree to everything you say. This support system is meant to help you evaluate and discover solutions.

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