May 17, 2016 04:34 AM EDT

‘The Elder Scrolls 6' News And Updates: Game Set In 2017, Release Date Reliable?

The huge success of "The Elders Scrolls 6" has heightened gamers' awareness. Also, the recent new and updates revealed of speculations that the game is slated for release in 2017. Moreover as the game's release date nears, many are wondering on credible and reliable the given date truly is.

According to The Christian Times, latest reports have revealed that Bethesda's much awaited new game will not hit the game stalls till next year and also, notions are rising regarding the new developer on the verge of launching the latest upgrades designed for the "Elder Scrolls" game franchise.

Although the notions of the game being released this year were debunked, there are still some affirmations that the game developers are preparing for the project to roll. Moreover, according to the same post, there is no definite assurance that it would come out in the market by 2017 but another noted date is 2019.

Other implications have also implied of the game being the continuation of the fifth game named as "Skyrim" and the game would still incorporate the same scenario and kingdom as the "The Elders Scrolls 6."

It stands to reason that the new game is setting in a new era of transformation and modifications. Also, Jobs & Hire previously reported of how the creators, Bethesda is currently searching in for a new hire to fill the hole and be the game developer's character artist.

Even though "The Elder Scrolls 6" latest news and updates did not revealed of the reliable date of release, game enthusiasts are hoping for the game to come out by 2017, despite the affirmation that the release date remains unverified and unreliable.

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