May 19, 2016 02:11 AM EDT

‘Hunter x Hunter’ Sick Creator Ends Hiatus Shows Career Commitment

Recent "Hunter x Hunter" updates showcases the magnitude and career commitment of the creator to end the hiatus despite being sick. Also, the forthcoming Chapter 354, Chrollo used his wits and "bandit's secret" to end Hisoka once and for all.

The present anime has sparked much viewer's interest owing to the unpredictable storyline. Also, "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 354 predictions mentioned that a book never used by Chrollo would finally be revealed, leading to the notion that it will be Hisoka's defeat but readers might wonder about the next scene after the devastating state of Hisoka seen in the last panel of the recent manga update, reports Hofmag.

Moreover, it has been noted that a number of readers and anime viewers are raising their queries regarding the contents of the book owned by the leader of the notorious Spider group. Anime fans know that this book is of great importance to Chrollo, given the affirmation that the book is one of the core grounds of who he is today. Furthermore, Chrollo is described as a good strategist with his physical strength on tops and a manipulative person and an actor as well, according to the same report.

On a different note, despite the affirmation of the formidable threat, Hisoka should not be undermine because his character has always shown resilience and strength in the previous seasons.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire has already mentioned of the battle that will probably bring end to Hisoka's life. The report added on to note that after the hiatus of "Hunter X Hunter 353," an unprecedented storyline for Chrollo and Hisoka have emerged and that the death of Hisoka is imminent if it persists in fighting against Chrollo.

It is irrefutable that the commitment of the developers to the anime remained strong and firm. Despite the shortcomings and even one writer being sick that paved way for a 2 year hiatus, the developments have showcased the leadership and career commitment of the creators of "Hunter x Hunter."

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