May 24, 2016 04:35 AM EDT

Verizon 2016 Strike News Update: Strikers Continue As Negotiations Drag On

By Jane Reed

Entering its second month in the negotiations, the Verizon 2016 Strike still continues. Both parties have not reached a final agreement yet.

Verizon is still parking at the negotiations table with union leaders representing over 40,000 Verizon workers that are on strike since April. Though negotiations are on-going and quiet since both executive parties promised to keep their communications at a minimum before the final verdict is reached, the Verizon workers on strike still want to continue pushing the company to the boiling point.

The heat is on while Verizon strikers continue to march in front of Verizon wireless stores in Massachusetts and Virginia. Fortune has it that these two states are where the most affected workers are coming from. Previously, the Obama administration has stepped in and pushed Verizon to end this issue as unemployment claims continue to rise since the Verizon 2016 strike has entered its second month.

On Monday, the Syracuse, N.Y. city council voted in favor of a resolution siding with the strikers and condemning Verizon for a "campaign to destroy good jobs." This happened because strikers are asking political support from their regions.

A tenured Verizon employee named Nikki Tonas says, "It's great to get that support from our public officials to see that they're standing behind us for good middle class jobs and against the corporate greed of Verizon."

Other cities passing measures backing the strikers included Braintree, Cambridge, and Boston in Massachusetts; and the towns of Babylon and New Paltz in New York.

A spokesman for the union groups declined to comment about the ongoing talks as initially promised when the Obama administration stepped in.

A website called Stand Up To Verizon has been set up to push the strike further, making sure the heat is still being felt by the company.

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