May 31, 2016 05:13 AM EDT

Donald Trump Faces Hurdles, Will The Poll Battlegrounds Decide His Fate?

It seems that Donald Trump is about to face another hurdle to attain the main seat of power. Instances of Donald Trump facing the poll battlegrounds and how it will decide his fate in the elections arise.

With Donald J. Trump pulling even or ahead of Hillary Clinton in a series of recent national polls, the once unthinkable has become at least plausible but if he is to be elected the 45th president, he must compete on a political map that, for now, looks forbidding, reports The New York Times.

In the Republican primaries, he proved a master of nationalizing the political debate, appealing to voters across regional lines with jeremiads about immigration and crime that captivated an almost uniformly white primary electorate, according to the same post.

It stands out that the outset of the general election, Mr. Trump has was able to gain strong returns on his day-to-day political combat using the social media and the national television. Moreover, it seems that Trump has to face another milestone as more critics rises against him. Fox News reports that at least one third-party ticket could be a factor in November, whether or not an anti-Trump independent bid materializes and the Libertarian Party.

With that being said, Donald Trump needs to counter all measures and ensure that he is able to counter the hurdles and dominate the poll battlegrounds. Otherwise, if he does not, he might fail the game and ultimately lose the presidential bid.

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